Broken Water Lines In Evansville

My thoughts are with everyone fighting to keep their water lines from bursting in this intense cold.  Evansville has had a rough winter and I see it everyday on my way into work.  I can see the frozen lakes in front of peoples houses, the pools of water frozen to vehicles in the road, and I feel sorry for the stress it causes.

Stay safe, hopefully only a few more days of this arctic like temperatures.

What Is Charge IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon

What is this charge on my bank account for IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon?

Just reconciling my bank account and had trouble figuring out what IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon represented.  This was a transaction name for a conversion from a check to an electronic payment, however I did not recognize the name.

This is the charge for my daughters school pictures and the payment was submitted to Inter-State Studio & Publishing.  So, don’t freak out, that charge is legit, assuming you paid for pictures for your school kid in the Evansville, IN area.  My daughter attends Scott School, so I can confirm that this charge was for school pictures.

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Halloween In Evansville 2013

Weather on Halloween night October, 31st 2013 was severe in Evansville and most of the surrounding Tri-State. Therefore, Trick-or-Treating was moved to Friday night to keep people in doors in the bad weather.

Most of Evansville waited until a happy November 1st before going door to door for sweet treats.  The threat of severe weather and a lot of rain kept most people in doors.  Likewise official announcements were made for people to skip actual Halloween activities on the 31st and instead wait till Friday night.

Well, the weather people were correct.  Waiting till Friday night proved to a much more enjoyable Halloween.  I’m all for this practice no matter the weather, let’s move Halloween to the following Friday night…always.

Evansville Storm 1/29/2013

Storm front moved through Evansville last night and petered out before reaching the Eastside.

I live on the East side of Evansville and by the time the huge storm front hit us it had already petered out.  No strong wind, no real heavy rain, just a good soaking and a lot of sirens.  However, based on the sound of the wind and rain over the TV on WFIE 14, it sounds like it was worse in different parts of Evansville.

How did you weather the storm front that moved through last night?  Looking forward to being sick again once the temperature swing hits us, from 70’s to highs in the 20’s and 30’s.  Yuck.

New Evansville Water Bills

Paying water bills online is still not a possibility in the city of Evansville, IN.

The major announced on his twitter feed that our city water bills will launch with a new format this month.  Our reading dates will not change but it looks like the day the bills actually ship out will be different, so keep your eyes open.

Still no word on the ability to pay our water and refuse bills online, this is what I’d really like to see.  Or how about let’s go completely paperless while we are at it.