Emma’s Day At Mesker Park Zoo

Great guest post with pictures from the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, IN. Written by 7 year old Emma Davidson.

This is a blog post, with pictures and writing done by my 7 year old daughter Emma.  I am excited that this will be her very first blog post.  Through this process she has learned to add pictures, start a draft, and publish what she wrote on the internet.  She will also learn what ‘publishing to the internet’ means for her creations.  Again, everything below was written and pictures taken(and selected) by Emma.


This is the fastest turtle ever.  The turtle walked so fast in its pen! He looked like he was having fun. I think he wanted to race with a friend, I think he would win.

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Boo At The Zoo 2012 Review

Review of the 2012 Boo at the Zoo and improvements I think need to be made to maintain a quality annual event.

The 2012 Mesker Park Boo at the Zoo was, as usual, a treat for my 5 year old daughter. However, as a parent reviewing a local Zoo event, I was a little less than impressed. Lack of animals, treats, and interaction round out my disappointment for 2012. It would appear that the annual event has been in decline since the relaunch, when Amazonia first appeared.

The first year of Boo at the Zoo, when Amazonia first opened, I thought was the peak of the event. Visitors were met with countless hands on interactions with animals and Mesker staff. While waiting in the enormous line, Zoo employees were walking around with bunny rabbits, abyssinian guinea pig and other small animals for kids to pet. Throughout the trail, scattered around the Zoo, were also countless animal interactions.

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