Tea Party Finger On eBay

A local Evansville resident has posted a very interesting item on eBay.  joehilarious has posted a Tea Party Foam Finger, starting at just $6.00!  The foam finger is 18″ long and contains the wording ‘No Higher Taxes’ in bold print.

Interesting way to protest and saves the time of making your own sign.  I bet this guy might even allow for local pickup, to discuss the current situation the effects of the Stimulus Package.

Foam Tea Party Finger

[phpbay]Foam Finger For Your Tax Tea Party! , 1, “99”, “”[/phpbay]

Evansville Tea Party

The Evansville, Indiana Tea Party is schedule for April 15th at 5:00 PM to correspond with national Tax day.  The even will be held downtown at the Civic Center Complex, out on the front steps.  This will be a peaceful demonstration, in response to local, state, and federal government actions.

For those who fell asleep during history class, the original Boston Tea Party was a protest to Taxation Without Representation.  Many feel that we are again in a similar political environment where the elected leaders are not accurately representing the wishes of their people.

I’ll be there, since it’s an actual protest after work hours, for the working people who feel unfairly treated.  Let’s represent, be vocal and make sure the biast Evnasville Courier doesn’t scew what its’ really all about.  See you there.