Sewage Lawsuit

It’s a biased opinion, but I think our current public servants are dropping the ball big time.  Not all of them, all the time, but enough to make an embarrassment of our fine city.  There has been a lawsuit filed against the city of Evansville for excessive pollution of the Ohio River.  I say excessive because the state permits a small amount of pollution, it’s alleged that we’ve over stepped those boundaries.

What this means for the city of Evansville are extremely steep fines.  According to the Courier and Press these fines can reach up to $37,500, per day!  Weinzapfel replied in a statement that this was bullying by the federal government to exert control.  Sounds familiar.

My opinion is that there have been way too many pet projects over the past 10 years, spending money that should have been put toward sewer and drainage upgrades.  The huge downpour in Evansville on Sept 5th, 2009 is cited as one example of how our sewers lack the volume to handle a lot of rain, thus dumping sewage into the Ohio.  I know the residents of the South Side of Evansville know a little something about down pours and no where for the water to go.

I really don’t know if the money being spent on the stadium comes from the same purse as what’s used for our Sewers, but it should.  There should be some way to dip into allotted budgets to take care of emergencies, like our sewer problems, to keep Evansville homes and businesses from flooding.

Roberts Stadium Evansville

I’m getting really tired of the old people in Evansville stealing away my future and my kids future.  The decisions and road blocks that they are throwing up to keep Evansville from growing keeps getting worse and the largest example is Roberts Stadium.  For some reason the elderly would rather set back and keep throwing wads of cash at the renovation of a failed stadium design than start over and start bringing in some real entertainment revenue.

As it stands now we struggle to get any big name bands or events to come to Evansville due to our lackluster attempt at a stadium.  We have plenty of hotels and now with the Executive Inn in Owensoboro closed we’ll be even busier, if we can take care of those that do decide to come around.  It doesn’t take an Advisory Board to tell you that we are gonna piss off more people if we can supply them with what they need, like a safe stadium with up to date rafters at the very least.

Lastly, it looks like our only option for a new Stadium will be one that will only hold a few thousand more people.  Come on, we need one A LOT bigger to draw in any kind of crowds and give Evansville’s economy a much needed boost.  Also, please don’t think that by placing this thing down town you’ll solve Evansville’s River Front problem, that’s the last thing we need.  Please use the location where Robert’s Stadium is at, tear down, rebuild, and remember the drainage problems in advance this time please.

And yes, I’m kicking myself for not attending the open meetings on this, but I’ll be there next time.