January 2014 Evansville Snow

January 2014 snow finally showing up in Evansville, Indiana. Not nearly as much as promised, but still some snow, and plenty of below zero temperature.

The snow did not show up as soon as the Evansville weathermen promised.  Better late than never?  Also, on the north side, we might have received a half an inch of snow, if that.  But, with all the wind it blew away or drifted up into the corners of the yard.

I’m sure the meteorologists are being heckled right now pretty hard.  One thing they did nail was the frigid temperatures.  Today, Monday the 6th and tomorrow January 7th, EVSC is closed due to the sub zero temps.

Sledding With My Daughter

My daughter and I enjoying the snow for December 2012, this is a video of us going sledding.

My daughter and I went out sledding this morning, the fresh snow from last night was perfect for it.  We enjoyed snow ball fights, partially creating snow men then destroying them, and of course sledding.

What sled ride is complete, without a RAMP!

Not A Snow Storm, 09 Was A Snow Storm

The snow that dropped on us last night was not nearly wet enough to create a snow ball or a snow man for that matter.  But it does look pretty and hasn’t created terrible conditions, as far as I can tell.

I did enjoy the fact that I only had to brush the snow off my windows this morning, instead of scraping and chipping at 1″ of ice like last January.  That’s right, remember the January 09 snow storm?  This wasn’t a storm, this was a light dusting of sprinkly goodness.

Hard to believe that the storm moving through last night was supposed to surpass the nastiness we had in December of 04, at least here in Evansville.  Perhaps we should be thanking our lucky stars we aren’t further north.  Now it’s time to just hunker down and prepare for the bitter cold. brrrr