What Is Charge IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon

What is this charge on my bank account for IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon?

Just reconciling my bank account and had trouble figuring out what IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon represented.  This was a transaction name for a conversion from a check to an electronic payment, however I did not recognize the name.

This is the charge for my daughters school pictures and the payment was submitted to Inter-State Studio & Publishing.  So, don’t freak out, that charge is legit, assuming you paid for pictures for your school kid in the Evansville, IN area.  My daughter attends Scott School, so I can confirm that this charge was for school pictures.

Click to visit http://www.inter-state.com/

Owensboro Convention Center Almost Finished

Drive by pictures of the Owensboro Convention Center, scheduled to be completed in January 2014.

It’s an Evansville Blog, but I spent some time in Owensboro today, which allowed me to drive by the new convention center.  I’ve got some photos to follow, sorry for the window glare, it was just too cold to roll down.  Let me just state, this thing is an amazing piece of architecture to look at.

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Fall Sunsets In Evansville, IN

Social networking has changed yet again, this time in the form of an update to Twitter.  Most pictures are now automatically loaded in line within the newsfeed, as opposed to opened once the individual tweet is selected.  This means, whether I want it or not, I’m subjected to peoples image tweets.  Initially I hated it, but now it’s growing on me, and has allowed me to enjoy the beautiful sunsets Fall in Evansville, Indiana has to offer.

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Save All Mobile Photos Instantly

If you’re like me, the thought of backing up only crosses my mind after it’s too late. A few months ago my wife almost lost a lot of photos, taken with her smart phone. The removable memory card on her Droid Incredible received a disconnection error and only after a number of attempts where we finally able to get it mounted again and gain access for recovery. Lesson learned, it’s important to back up early and often, thankfully there are options to do backups immediately and store them safely in the cloud.

Speaking of which, if you needed an iPhone repair before you lost all the photos, do so immediately and without any delay or you might end up losing your precious moments.

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2011 Vanderburgh County 4H Fair

The 2011 Vanderburgh County 4H Fair has been going all week, despite the humidity and sweltering heat.  To beat the temps my wife, daughter, and I went out to the 4H grounds in Evansville on Saturday morning.  Getting there around 9:30 meant that we were one of the first handful of people from the public, to see the exhibits.  This allowed us a little more hands on time with the animals and owners.  It also allowed me to take plenty of pictures!

Animals, animals, and more animals!  Even though I grew up on a farm with cows, pigs, and goats, I still love seeing all the unique animals on display at the 4H Fair.  I’m not the only one, my daughter squeals at the sight of a fluffy bunny, curious goats, and horses.  Although she claims that the cows are her favorite farm animal.

fluffy bunny

The little guy above caught my eye while walking between the displays.  I can only imagine how hot he felt, luckily all the animals were being cooled with huge fans and plenty of water.  As for fluffymcfluffsalot above, I’d call him Snowball.  He even won a ribbon, but got a little hungry.

At the risk of being spit on we braved the Alpaca and Llama exhibits.  For the life of me, I know they aren’t stupid creatures, but they look derp to me.

My wife and daughter lose interest with the equipment pretty fast, but this HUGE tractor certainly got their attention.  Lord knows the cost of the thing, but it looked BA with the huge TRAX instead of tires.

We could have spent all day simply walking through all the animal exhibits and talking with their owners.  Everyone was so proud of their pets and/or livestock, it really was an enjoyable experience.  We felt like the gawking geese below, too much to look at!

After walking around for a little while we started getting very hot, so we went inside to check out all the blue ribbon winners.  Specifically we were looking over the vegetables and arts and crafts.  There was one ‘craft’ blue ribbon winner among the model cars that caught my eye.

The guillotine model made above was done by an 8th Grader.  Teachers, please keep an eye on this kid. 😉  Also inside was rat and reptile exhibits and the reptiles sure knew how to do interior decorating.

My family and I also took time to look at all the horses and pony’s getting ready for the costume contest.  We even witnessed one pony being painted from head to toe in PINK!  Being the father of a 3 year old I know it had to be Pinkiepie.

Because we went so early in the morning we didn’t have time to see any of the events going on, like the demolition derby or tractor pulls.  To be honest, I’d have been hard pressed to get my wife and daughter to set still long enough to enjoy those attractions.  Oh well, there is always next year.

What: 2011 Vanderburgh 4H Fair

Where: Evansville, IN

For more of the pictures that I took, please view my 2011 Vanderburgh County 4H Fair Flickr Set.