Google- In Social Media

So, you want to know who defriended you or removed you from a Circle on Google+?  Are you sure you want to know?

Google- (Google Minus) is an application that monitors the circles you are in and notifies you when you are removed.  It’s a shame it doesn’t come with a reason, or perhaps its a blessing that you don’t have to enter a reason when removing someone from a circle.

Get Google-

SMC of Evansville August Meet Up

It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to attend the Social Media Club of Evansville’s meeting.  But I must say, it’s worth the time, especially business owners who are looking to create a local online presence.  Monday, August 15th from 6 – 8 PM at Ri Ra Irish Pub, will be the next meeting.  I’ve yet to RSVP, but I shall try to attend.

As a note, everyone is just as friendly, outgoing, and welcoming as their online persona.  Furthermore, presentations are professionally orchestrated and geared toward teaching and open discussion.  Even if you struggle finding, you’ll feel at home learning about how important social media has become to your business and personal reputation.

According to the SMC newsletter, Mondays meeting will focus on YouTube and Real Simple Video and what it means to your marketing efforts.  I know how my ventures into video production have turned out, so I’m considering a double dose of Rocky Walls, who will also be presenting at U of E earlier in the day.  If you don’t know who Rocky Walls is, he’s the go to guy at Star Media Productions, a business that focuses on online content creation and social media marketing.

For all the gritty details sign up at the official Social Media Club of Evansville Website.  The meeting at Ri Ra Irish Pub is free, but the presentation by Rocky Walls at U of E will cost a $20 registration fee.

Stay connected with SMC of Evansville on Twitter by following @smcEVV.

The What: Social Media Club of Evansville August Meeting

The Where: Ri Ra Irish Pub, Downtown Evansville

The When: August 15th, 2011 from 6-8 PM

The Why: YouTube is no longer just a place for laughing babies and skateboarders rendering themselves infertile. Posting video online boosts SEO and SMO, drives traffic to web sites, increases conversion rates, enhances brand value and recognition, and creates more personal audience interaction.

In short, video can change your online audiences into relationships.


Prop 8 Overturn Has Evansville Talking

Proposition 8 was overturned on Wednesday, which has sparked debate all over the US, including here in Evansville.  There are currently over 470 comments on the article from the Courier Press website, each person chiming in with their own interpretation of the law.  After a quick glance at the comments it becomes obvious that, at least those who want to leave comments, are in support of the overturn.

I wasn’t interested in debating the merits of Proposition 8 or the moral implications or lack thereof that might surface.  However, I do find it interesting to see how the Evansville community discusses such important and potentially life changing news.

Let’s say a viewer only looks at the comments found on the Courier Press article, the following would be revealed.  If you support Proposition 8, then you are a right wing moral army nut job, however if you are for the overturn then you are a leftist, liberal, supporting the moral decay of the US.  So where is the gray area?  Is it possible the city of Evansville can be split directly down the middle using these two assumptions?  I think not.

Readers of any online news/opinion site need to keep in mind that the most out spoken people on comment posts and forums are not always the majority of a community.  These are just the people who feel their opinions are important enough to discuss upon their soap boxes.  Again, this is true no matter which side of the argument or political landscape you may be on.

A More Useful Internet

onlineI can’t live without the internet, nor can I live without all the great things the internet has to offer.  However, at times it can be a bit daunting and the information overload can cause to a loss of what I’m trying to focus on.  Thankfully there are tools available that streamline my browsing experience and generally make work go by so much faster.  Below are  my list of online must have’s.

FireFox Browser – If you aren’t using Fire Fox, this is the first thing you need to do.  Click on the link and go download and install, then come back to this page, I’ll wait.  The rest of the Add-Ons below require FireFox to utilize, do yourself a favor and start browsing the internet like a genius.  IE are for those who just don’t know any better and now you know. – I use multiple computers every single day, from my personal laptop to my work PC, and even my wife’s laptop when there are no other options.  Throughout my browsing time I come across a lot of interesting articles that I may not have time to completely digest, serves as a simple and efficient solution.  With a simple check mark I can create a list of pages I can go back and read later and synchronize with my other computers.  That way no matter where I’m seated I can follow up with where I left off from the other computer.

Fire.FM – I’m the type of person that must have constant back ground noise in the form of music.  Furthermore my taste in music varies widely and can change from day to day, so buying and bringing CD’s to work is not an option.  Thanks to the internet there is a free and legal alternative, streaming music live to my browser based on my current listening preferences.  It’s as simple as typing in the name of favorite band and the rest of my day is filled with music similar to the artist I choose, all FREE.

Foxit Reader – PDF’s are both a great convenience and a thorn in my side, mainly because of the hoops Adobe requires you to jump through every few weeks.  I sear I spend more time updating that silly program than I actually do using it.  Thanks to Foxit Reader I can now read and make PDF’s without having to use the bloated Adobe Reader software.  Foxit Reader also makes it a breeze to view PDF’s directly in your browser and comes with complete functionality to never have to use Adobe reader ever again.

AVG Or Avast – Both of these programs are completely free and in my experience provide a better anti-virus service than paid software like Norton.  AVG and Avast are capable of scanning, identifying, and then removing any type of virus on your computer.  In the future I will be releasing a list of computer clean up software that I use to keep my PC running fast.  For now, if you aren’t using one of these anti-virus programs, go download now and see which one you like best.  If you like using Torrents, LimeWire or other type of p2p application then Avast is the better choice.

gMail – This is simply the best free email service available online.  It was created by Google and provides plenty of options, customization, and storage for even the most talkative email enthusiast.  Furthermore, gMail allows synchronization of email accounts, which means you can have gMail read your hotmail or personal server side email accounts.  It’s the only email application I use and I manage about a dozen different aliases.

That’s it for now, but I will make online tools a regular feature on Evansville Blog.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know what tools you can’t live without.  Also, I’m available for questions as well, so start using the internet in a better way.

Evansville Intelligencer Online

Thanks to Josh for leaving a comment on my blog, I was able to find out about his new website Evansville Intelligencer.  The Intelligencer was launched at the beginning of April and appears to cover most things Evansville.  At first glance the categories covered will be Health and Hygiene, Society and Events, Food and Drinks, Evansville Discoveries, and my personal favorite, Politics.

It’s obvious that great articles about Evansville will be published here, mainly due to the sites impressive list of contributors.  Looks like experts on night life, legal studies, and even an MD contributing to the Health of Evansville.

Admittedly I don’t get out as much as I would like, mainly because I’m a new father.  But thanks to the Intelligencer’s articles I can pick and choose, spending my free time wisely.  However, as for the politics side of things, we may be on opposite sides of the fence.  So I’ll tread lightly on upcoming comments and reviews.

Good luck on the site Joshua, Jessica, Anne, and Kelley!