Dave Ramsey Talking To Evansville

Dave Ramsey Talk Show

My morning routine at some point generally involves listening to 1280 AM and listening to Dave Ramsey’s talk show.  I love it and it always has a way of perking me up for the day to realize that there are people in far worse positions than I am financially.  Furthermore some of the information on there is priceless, in terms of how to handle debt, social situations, and marital arbitration.  In my year of listening to Dave Ramsey this was the first time I’ve ever heard him address Evansville Indiana before and even take a call from a local man.

Apparently the gentlemen’s daughter, whom called in, was trying to decide whether to go to college here in Indiana or in Alabama.  What involves Ramsey was the fact that his daughter was going to receive a free ride in Indiana, but would have to pay close to $20,000 per year to attend Alabama.  Seems like a no brainer at this point, but Dave essentially just called the man’s daughter stupid for wanting to pay more just for the name of the college and not actually get anymore benefit.  Later into the conversation however he pointed out systematically how there was no difference in the education, opportunities, or any other reason to pay out of pocket when an education in Indiana would be just as valuable.

I hope more college students were listening into this show, since it hits home with debt after school.  It’s a downer to get ahead by attending college and then to fall so far behind immediately afterward with huge school loan debt.   My wife and I both are attempting to pay our educations down as I type this, so I know full well what it’s like to have a room reserved in my house just for Mrs’s Sallie Mae.  God I hate that bitch.

University of Evansville Seeks Aid For Children

University of Evansville
University of Evansville

University of Evansville professor Elizabeth Hennon is looking to help raise awareness and support for children with Autism and Down Syndrome.  Through her work at U of E she has developed a program working with Psychology students to further student developing children with Autism and Down Syndrome.

Elizabeth has designed activities to test the abilities of a child with Autism.  By observing how a child reacts to fun activities and playing games she hopes to show that these children are capable of much more than previously thought.

“When a child succeeds on a task that a parent would have thought impossible, it can help the parent to see other skills that their child might possess as well.”

Please read the press release from the University of Evansville on what Elizabeth Hennon is doing for the children in the community.  Elizabeth is looking for participants, which can contact her through the U of E website.

Roberts Stadium Evansville

I’m getting really tired of the old people in Evansville stealing away my future and my kids future.  The decisions and road blocks that they are throwing up to keep Evansville from growing keeps getting worse and the largest example is Roberts Stadium.  For some reason the elderly would rather set back and keep throwing wads of cash at the renovation of a failed stadium design than start over and start bringing in some real entertainment revenue.

As it stands now we struggle to get any big name bands or events to come to Evansville due to our lackluster attempt at a stadium.  We have plenty of hotels and now with the Executive Inn in Owensoboro closed we’ll be even busier, if we can take care of those that do decide to come around.  It doesn’t take an Advisory Board to tell you that we are gonna piss off more people if we can supply them with what they need, like a safe stadium with up to date rafters at the very least.

Lastly, it looks like our only option for a new Stadium will be one that will only hold a few thousand more people.  Come on, we need one A LOT bigger to draw in any kind of crowds and give Evansville’s economy a much needed boost.  Also, please don’t think that by placing this thing down town you’ll solve Evansville’s River Front problem, that’s the last thing we need.  Please use the location where Robert’s Stadium is at, tear down, rebuild, and remember the drainage problems in advance this time please.

And yes, I’m kicking myself for not attending the open meetings on this, but I’ll be there next time.

Lloyd Expressway Construction

Tis the season, the time of year when road construction crews come out in droves to tear up our roads. I can almost deal with it, if it were done in an organized fashion, but this year so far has been ridiculous. One lane is closed on both the East and West bound sides making it a virtual standstill at places like the intersection of 41 and the intersection at Green River road.

What angers me the most is that none of the barrels are even. The crews have the lane blocked off at different intervals, where sometimes the barrels hang out into one of the two open lanes. Expect slower traffic and an increase in the possibility of an accident, without warning. How does this sound like a good idea? Also, who was the guy who decided to only notify of closing of the left lane, on the East bound side, right before Highway 41? That intersection is a death trap the way it is and it’s only worse in the summer construction heat.

What say ye?

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