Evansville Planetarium built in 1952! Did not know.

Today I learned that the Evansville Planetarium was established in 1952, in the Evansville Museum downtown. The most recent major update was a new projector in 1974.

Like other buildings and events in Evansville, Indiana, it is in need of updating. Maybe it’s time we starting devoting money to what we already have, instead of insisting on building new. Yes, I’m looking at you new stadium.

Reading this article from the Carmi Times certainly puts into perspective how important things like the museum are and just how unimportant a multi million dollar stadium is. Consider the fraction of the cost it would take to revitalize an already existing planetarium or museum, which has proven a used resource in down town Evansville.

Amplify’d from www.carmitimes.com
The museum’s planetarium was established in 1952 and upgraded occasionally, with a new star projector added in 1974.Read more at www.carmitimes.com

Why Does Evansville Stink?

I first noticed one of the residents of Evansville on Twitter asking why Evansville stunk.  Figured it had something to do with his specific location.  Unfortunately as soon as I walked outside I smelled what seemed like a pile of rotting wet rags.

Since then there have been 2 others mention the stench that seems to be moving all over the city.  Of course there hasn’t been an official response or comment in the media, Hoyt of Channel 14 WFIE made an observation.

Likely farming. We did a story out of Gibson Co. about using turkey litter which has strong smell when it gets wet and warmer.

So, if you are outside today and wondering what’s crawling up your nose, it’s probably fertilizer.  The warmer temperatures bring out more than greenery and wild life, it also brings out the squiggly stink lines.


According to Jeff Lyons we are experiencing a weather condition called Inversion.  This conditions normally causes conditions for smog, but in our case can intensify the stench of the city dump and fertilizers being used on nearby farms.

Also, added this to the weather category. 😉

Video Of Cold Geese At Garvin Park

Spent my lunch break walking around Garvin Park yesterday.  I’ll head over there on a regular basis to eat my lunch in peace in my truck, but yesterday I wanted to get some video of the ducks and geese walking on ice.  I also shot some footage of kids that instructed me that they were the only ones that fed the hungry animals, so it was their job to take care of them.

Without question, I know the cold animals appreciated the fresh bread.

I hope that I can film more events and locations in Evansville, as time allows. If you have any recommendations or things you would like to see, please let me know.

Standing Up To The 2010 Census

Often times I enjoy reading comments more than I enjoy reading actual news articles.  Today was no different with the persuasive article from The Courier Press.  Unfortunately this article focuses on guilting the reader into providing all the info the Census asks so that the city can get more funding from the government and hovers around political motivation for low population numbers.  Whatever the case, the comments are already being fired back about not wanting to provide personal information to the government.

A sample of comments:

The problem with the census is that Obama has illegally taken over the census. Plus our public funding is going to ACORN/COI to perform the counts. Tis was the group that registered Mickey Mouse

Never fear,C&P. MJR Inc. has been hired to get all the illegals in Evansville to fill out census forms. The population count will surely go up.

The only thing the government needs to know is the number of people living in my house. That is the all the law requires and that is all that they are getting.

2010 CensusAnd then of course there are comments firing back claiming all doom and gloom for not filling out the extra personal information.  Apologists, just wanting to give this administration anything they want, of course just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

From what I found there are fines associated with not completing a Census form, however I could not find where jail time was involved.  In the 2000 Census an individual could be fined up to $100 for not completing the form or up to $500 for providing false information.  However, I’ve seen reports from bloggers on the web that claim the maximum fine has been raised to $5,000 for not completing the form.  I’ve not found any proof or official documents verifying this.

As far as the US Constitution is involved it was only a way to keep a head count for legal residents within the United States.  The Census was not developed and written into the Constitution to keep track of any Social, Economic, or Housing Characteristics, which is exactly what the 2010 Census is designed to do.  According to the official Census website, 1 in 6 households will randomly be given a 2010 Census long form, which will contain a lot more specific and personal questions.

The 2010 Census Long Form is really what has people up in arms, at least those who value their privacy.  Questions pertaining to age of your home, amount of vehicles owned, type of kitchen facilities, and even fertility status are hardly any of the governments business.

So, will you be completing the long form if you are one of the lucky 1 in 6 choose?  Remember, the law requires you to fill out the Census as pertains to number of people living in your house, nothing more.

Frog Follies In Evansville

Evansville, IN 33rd Frog Follies
Evansville, IN 33rd Frog Follies

My absolute favorite event that comes to Evansville was here last week.  The 33rd Frog Follies was at the Evansville 4H grounds and it looked like it was a huge success.  I was out there on Saturday from around 10:00 to 3:00 and I could not believe how many cars and people there were.  I’ve been every year for the past 8 years (unless it was rained out) and it seemed like there were more people this year than ever before.

For example, at 10:30 I decided I wanted to beat the lunch rush and get me a hotdog to snack on.  Pfft.  Forget about it, every food line had what seemed to be over 50 waiting feverishly for some substanence.  Thankfully, there were vendors for drinks only, so refreshments weren’t a problem.  Needless to say, I went hotdogless though.  Perhaps the very reasonable prices is what draws so many people to actually eat on site at the Follies or maybe the food is just that good.  At any rate it wasn’t a loss, with my $1.25 RC Cola I was ready to see some hot rods.

With so many cars on display a person could spend all 3 event days browsing around and still not see everything.  And while I did come away with some pictures of the Frog Follies, I didn’t get nearly enough, since I was too busy rubber necking all the vehicles.  Enjoy what I did walk away with below.

Evansville 33rd Frog Follies Flickr Album