LLD Investments Credit Card Charge

Find out what the LLD Investments credit card charge is for, which as it turns out is a local restaurant to Evansville, IN.

McAlisters LogoThe latest charge on my credit card, which I had trouble reconciling was for LLD Investments.  This was the only company name associated with a charge on my credit card this week from Evansville, IN.  So what is LLD Investments?

LLD Investments is the name McAlister’s processes credit cards under.  So, if you have had the pleasure at eating at the new McAlisters on Green River Road in Evansville and you use your credit card, expect an LLD Investments expense to show up on your next report.

It’s a big problem when companies do not use a name associated with their business front.  While I try to keep a close eye on my credit card transaction history, sometimes I lose track.  Going back to match up companies with their processing alias can be daunting, especially in a case like LLD Investments.  I’ll sleep easier at night now, knowing that it’s not some racket stealing my credit card info, instead a tasty place to eat, the new McAlisters in Evansville.

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PRE-AUTHORIZATION DEBIT AT BB *NONPROFIT(PENDING), SAN DIEGO, CA showed up on my credit card statement. As it turns out, this is the payment processor CMOE uses to run credit and debit cards.

Childrens Museum of Evansville Quack Factory
Quack Factory at CMOE

I had transaction on my credit card that I did not know what it was for.  As it turns out, after some research, it’s a payment processor for many non-profit type businesses.  Some YMCA’s use it and other organizations that accept donations.  However, I have not used my credit card for any of these institutions, but after some reconciling realized what the charge was actually for in Evansville, IN.

My family and I went to CMOE, the Childrens Museum of Evansville, on Sunday afternoon.  When they charge your credit card, the businesses name shows up as:


So, the charge is legitimate, and the amount was exactly what it cost for me, my wife, and daughter to spend the day at CMOE.  If you happen to see this charge show up on your debit card or credit card (find out about that), it’s most likely legitimate, just remember where you spent your money.  In this case, CMOE was responsible for the charge originating in San Diego, CA.  Companies, non-profit or not, should take more care in ensuring that the charges show up accurately on statements.  I’d hate to think that someone performed a charge-back, because they were not aware of what the transaction was for, since no identifying information is available.

CMOE Official Website – http://www.cmoekids.org/

What Is Charge IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon

What is this charge on my bank account for IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon?

Just reconciling my bank account and had trouble figuring out what IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon represented.  This was a transaction name for a conversion from a check to an electronic payment, however I did not recognize the name.

This is the charge for my daughters school pictures and the payment was submitted to Inter-State Studio & Publishing.  So, don’t freak out, that charge is legit, assuming you paid for pictures for your school kid in the Evansville, IN area.  My daughter attends Scott School, so I can confirm that this charge was for school pictures.

Click to visit http://www.inter-state.com/