Bruno At Showplace East

Met with some friends out at Showplace East last night for the new Sacha Cohen movie Bruno.  Now, this typically isn’t the type of movie I’d be interested in seeing, but I needed a distraction and nothing is better at that than watching people in uncomfortable situations.  This movie did not fail to deliver.

Don’t see this movie if you don’t have a perverted sense of humor.  It’s raunchy, full of male nudity, and enough absurd situations to make you cover your face in a dark movie theater.

As stated it does deliver a great distraction to day to day life.  I mustered a handful of laugh out louds and my friends also appreciated the slapstick actions of the flamboyant Bruno.  This being said I’m not quite sure it earned the full $10 price of admission.  But that’s for a different discussion and no doubt the very reason the theater was less than a 1/4 of the way full on the second day of release.