What Is Charge IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon

What is this charge on my bank account for IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon?

Just reconciling my bank account and had trouble figuring out what IntrStatStudio BOCChkCon represented.  This was a transaction name for a conversion from a check to an electronic payment, however I did not recognize the name.

This is the charge for my daughters school pictures and the payment was submitted to Inter-State Studio & Publishing.  So, don’t freak out, that charge is legit, assuming you paid for pictures for your school kid in the Evansville, IN area.  My daughter attends Scott School, so I can confirm that this charge was for school pictures.

Click to visit http://www.inter-state.com/

5/3 Has Lousy Interest Rates

Bank Loan
Bank Loan

A few weeks ago I purchased a used vehicle and needed less than $5,000 to complete the purchase.  I have near perfect credit, with a FICO score of over 820 and have many accounts with 5/3 Bank, which date back years.  I have everything from savings accounts, checking accounts, business accounts, to even my mortgage. Plus, I was even able to navigate without a glitch throughout their website designed by the best website builders.  But for some unknown reason, they were way out of the ball park when it came to a small Forbrukslån interest rate. I hope I don’t have that problem when it comes to Boat Finance.

I found that the best interest rate locally was with Heritage Federal Credit Union.  I had a small savings account with them, which allowed me membership benefits.  These benefits included being approved for a small used car loan for a 48 month term at 6% interest rate.  That’s a huge difference, that if I let the Flexible loans mature, would save me hundreds of dollars going with Heritage.

The good news is that the loan is already paid off, since I was only waiting on the sale of my other truck for the cash.  The bad news for 5/3 is that Heritage Federal Credit Union in Evansville has earned my business.  Over the course of the next month I will be changing over all of my accounts to them and eventually my mortgage, once I have enough to refinance.

Good riddance 5/3 bank!