Frog Follies 2014 Pictures

Pictures from the 2014 Frog Follies. This was the 40th anniversary of the antique car show event, which is the biggest and best pre-49 car show in the United States.

Was miserably hot today, August 23rd, 2014 at the Vanderburgh County 4H Fair Grounds for the 40th Anniversary of the Frog Follies.  This event is the biggest and best pre 1949 automotive show in the United States and it’s easy to see why.  There was hardly any space not covered by antique cars and all the buildings were full of vendors.  Even the fields were covered by swap events and vendors slinging any product remotely related to automotive.

The Frog Follies have become an annual event for father daughter time in the Davidson house hold.  My 6 year old was just as excited to see all of the cars as I was, even tolerating my endless scanning of booths for a good deal.

Evansville does an amazing job at hosting this event and accommodating all the extra people inside the city.  During my time, there were hardly any traffic jams, as 41 and Booneville-New Harmony road were clear and lines of cars were in constant motion.  Furthermore, inside the fair grounds there were plenty of helpers parking cars, directing traffic, and watching out for walkers to and from the event.

As usual, I plan on attending again next year.  Although, I’d like to order a little bit cooler weather please.

For the entire 2014 Frog Follies picture album, please visit the Evansville Blog Flickr page for all 75 photos. Click Here – 2014 Frog Follies Flickr Album

January 2014 Evansville Snow

January 2014 snow finally showing up in Evansville, Indiana. Not nearly as much as promised, but still some snow, and plenty of below zero temperature.

The snow did not show up as soon as the Evansville weathermen promised.  Better late than never?  Also, on the north side, we might have received a half an inch of snow, if that.  But, with all the wind it blew away or drifted up into the corners of the yard.

I’m sure the meteorologists are being heckled right now pretty hard.  One thing they did nail was the frigid temperatures.  Today, Monday the 6th and tomorrow January 7th, EVSC is closed due to the sub zero temps.