Owensboro Convention Center Almost Finished

Drive by pictures of the Owensboro Convention Center, scheduled to be completed in January 2014.

It’s an Evansville Blog, but I spent some time in Owensboro today, which allowed me to drive by the new convention center.  I’ve got some photos to follow, sorry for the window glare, it was just too cold to roll down.  Let me just state, this thing is an amazing piece of architecture to look at.

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Lincoln Amphitheatre to get a cross between Wizard of Oz 1 & 2!?

I like the idea of something fresh being offered, but changing complete themes? Why isn’t there enough time/effort/room for two different types of productions throughout the summer?

Also, for a theater to be open Thurs-Sun, which seats 1,000 and at most attendance was 9,000? Maybe it’s time to close the doors if funding isn’t available and it can keep itself afloat without tax dollars.

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“You’ll see ‘The Wizard of Oz’ like you’ve never seen it before,” he said, explaining the musical will be given a “steampunk” concept without making changes to the movie script version.

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Redevelopment Plan Smells Like Stadium Threats

Perhaps I’m looking into it too much, but after reading the article over at TriStateHomePage.com, I get the impression that the people of Evansville don’t have a lot to say in local governmental plans. It’s been proven time and time again that plans are being made with our money whether we agree with them or not. The quote below rings a little too close to home, especially right after we demolished a chunk of down town to make room for a stadium that not everyone wanted.

The #1 question I have to ask with any type of proposal like this is, who benefits? Are there a few select individuals making a profit off of this proposal? Is this good for the blocks involved or Evansville as a whole?

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But Barnett says the city can’t and won’t force residents to give anything up without agreeing to it.Read more at tristatehomepage.com

Flickr Photo Finds, Where Is Evansville Going?

There are countless people in Evansville that are truly amazing photographers.  Also, there are even more people that take snap shots at virtually every other step, which tell a tale and help create an archive of the way things were.  Evansville is changing very quickly and without places like Flickr to share our memories of this fine city, it would be easy to forget where we came from.

One example is our River Front, which has undergone countless changes, updates, and improvements.  Main Street is another that has seen updates over the years and a down town skyline that is changing daily.  Although just a short time ago, do you even remember what was in the location, where the new stadium is being built?

Various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr make archiving ideas and images much easier than before.  I’m excited to be living in such a fast changing world, as long as I can slow down and look at the pictures later.

Evansville, IN Flickr Finds for 11/16/10

City of Evansville, Indiana - Riverfront Architecture

Four Freedoms Monument, Evansville, Indiana

Greyhound Bus Station Evansville Indiana