Tea Party Finger On eBay

A local Evansville resident has posted a very interesting item on eBay.  joehilarious has posted a Tea Party Foam Finger, starting at just $6.00!  The foam finger is 18″ long and contains the wording ‘No Higher Taxes’ in bold print.

Interesting way to protest and saves the time of making your own sign.  I bet this guy might even allow for local pickup, to discuss the current situation the effects of the Stimulus Package.

Foam Tea Party Finger

[phpbay]Foam Finger For Your Tax Tea Party! , 1, “99”, “”[/phpbay]

In Development

EvansvilleBlog.com is currently working on a revamp, to better reflect some goals that I have for the site.  Some of these goals will include guest authors, regular reviews, and hopefully a growing community of Evansville residents wanting to make their voices heard.

For the next couple days plan on some design changes, header designs, and template holders until the project is complete.  To stay on top of the changes please subscribe to my Twitter Feed.

Interested In Writing?

I’m looking for local authors that would be interested in writing restaurant or event news to be published to EvansvilleBlog.com.  No experience necessary, after all this is the internet.  However, I do ask that you be a local Evansville resident and have a general interest in the city of Evansville.  To apply, please send sample work and contact to me through the blog’s contact system here.

Twit’s To Follow In Evansville

twitter-logoTwitter is a popular and exponentially growing online communication tool used by virtually everyone.  Think of the service as like a one way conversation that allows you to listen into what certain individuals are doing, right when it’s happening.  Now, the conversations don’t have to be one way, the ability to subscribe to each others updates is what makes Twitter a social phenomenon.

So who uses Twitter in Evansville and why should you follow them?

ME – Myself and  this blog are on twitter, so you can be notified of new blog posts and what I’m doing on a semi-personal basis. http://twitter.com/EvansvilleBlog

Scott Dimmich – Scott is a meterologist for News 25 and updates frequently.  On occasions he may even help you decide if weather will hold off long enough for a round of golf. 😉 http://twitter.com/NEWS25sdimmich

Debbie Bush – Debbie is the general manager at 14 WFIE and updates frequently with comments on world news and local events.  She also frequently RT’s which is a retell that alerts her followers of what she is interested in following. http://twitter.com/debbiebush

CJ Hoyt – CJ is the news director at 14 news and updates his twitter account with semi-personal updates as well.  Kinda like what he’s currently watching on TV, but also keeps followers updated on what’s going on at the News station. http://twitter.com/CJHoyt14

YOU – Twitter is free to sign up and free to use and best yet there isn’t even any advertising.  While the latter may change in time, right now it’s a great resource for immediate news and communicating with others around the Tri-State. https://twitter.com/signup

Evansville Classifieds For Free

In this day and age everyone has heard of eBay, an online market place for people to have virtual yardsales.  And no doubt you’ve heard of a little antique publication called the Evansville Courier as well.  Both of these mediums can be used to sell something, but both cost money, let’s look at an alternative free classified solution for Evansville.

Craigslist.org is a massive, online, free classified website where people can trade locally.  Joining Craigslist is free and to post items from CD’s to cars is 100% free.  Unlike other classifieds that require an upfront cost and then a final value fee, no matter the price, on Craigslist Evansville it’s free.

I’ve been using Craigslist for several years, both buying and selling.  From what I can tell, the Evansville section of the classifieds has absolutely exploded, especially in the Cars & Trucks section.  I attribute a lot of the increase in action to the slumping economy and people looking for deals or wanting to liquidate their driveway.  Be warned however, there are plenty of scammers on there, just like on eBay.  Since Evansville has a local section, don’t pay up front for anything and always meet in a public area for transactions.

Craigslist Tips For Trading In Evansville

When meeting someone for the first time, please remember to:

  • Insist on a public meeting place like a cafe
  • Tell a friend or family member where you’re going
  • Take your cell phone along if you have one
  • Consider having a friend accompany you
  • Trust your instincts

It’s important to remember, that even online, if it’s too good to be true, it normally a scam.  As mentioned previously, I’ve sold a vehicle on the free classifieds and purchased a number of items from local Evansville residents.  However, it’s possible, once you have an account, to post items all over the US, depending on your locale.

So, start saving some money and start liquidating that garage the free way.

Evansville Intelligencer Online

Thanks to Josh for leaving a comment on my blog, I was able to find out about his new website Evansville Intelligencer.  The Intelligencer was launched at the beginning of April and appears to cover most things Evansville.  At first glance the categories covered will be Health and Hygiene, Society and Events, Food and Drinks, Evansville Discoveries, and my personal favorite, Politics.

It’s obvious that great articles about Evansville will be published here, mainly due to the sites impressive list of contributors.  Looks like experts on night life, legal studies, and even an MD contributing to the Health of Evansville.

Admittedly I don’t get out as much as I would like, mainly because I’m a new father.  But thanks to the Intelligencer’s articles I can pick and choose, spending my free time wisely.  However, as for the politics side of things, we may be on opposite sides of the fence.  So I’ll tread lightly on upcoming comments and reviews.

Good luck on the site Joshua, Jessica, Anne, and Kelley!