SMC of Evansville August Meet Up

It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to attend the Social Media Club of Evansville’s meeting.  But I must say, it’s worth the time, especially business owners who are looking to create a local online presence.  Monday, August 15th from 6 – 8 PM at Ri Ra Irish Pub, will be the next meeting.  I’ve yet to RSVP, but I shall try to attend.

As a note, everyone is just as friendly, outgoing, and welcoming as their online persona.  Furthermore, presentations are professionally orchestrated and geared toward teaching and open discussion.  Even if you struggle finding, you’ll feel at home learning about how important social media has become to your business and personal reputation.

According to the SMC newsletter, Mondays meeting will focus on YouTube and Real Simple Video and what it means to your marketing efforts.  I know how my ventures into video production have turned out, so I’m considering a double dose of Rocky Walls, who will also be presenting at U of E earlier in the day.  If you don’t know who Rocky Walls is, he’s the go to guy at Star Media Productions, a business that focuses on online content creation and social media marketing.

For all the gritty details sign up at the official Social Media Club of Evansville Website.  The meeting at Ri Ra Irish Pub is free, but the presentation by Rocky Walls at U of E will cost a $20 registration fee.

Stay connected with SMC of Evansville on Twitter by following @smcEVV.

The What: Social Media Club of Evansville August Meeting

The Where: Ri Ra Irish Pub, Downtown Evansville

The When: August 15th, 2011 from 6-8 PM

The Why: YouTube is no longer just a place for laughing babies and skateboarders rendering themselves infertile. Posting video online boosts SEO and SMO, drives traffic to web sites, increases conversion rates, enhances brand value and recognition, and creates more personal audience interaction.

In short, video can change your online audiences into relationships.


Vectren Live Power Outage Site

Vectren has released access to this webpage that will display the number of people without power.

They call it the Electric Outage Center, unfortunately other than a smattering of tips and information there is no other interaction. There is an obvious report an outage or down power line, but it only instructs you to call their archaic phone system. How hard is it to automate online a report?

Furthermore, after looking at he pages source code I’m not sure how ‘LIVE’ it actually is. It’s just overlaying PNG’s with static picture links. Perhaps someone smarter than me can confirm how legitimate the service actually is.


GMail getting an updated look.

I’ve been using Google Labs for awhile and tweaking the theme that I use, but I’m not a fan of the upcoming design update. Supposedly a more modern email experience, with broad headings and large buttons. Web 3.0?

Either way, thanks to labs I’ll hopefully be able to keep generic old gmail design for as long as possible. What do you think of the update?


2011 Hadi Shriner Fest Jet Header

Thanks to Justin DuPont for this amazing photo taken at the 2011 Hadi Shriner Fest in Evansville, IN.  The 2011 Shriner Fest brought a number of jets, food, and fun to downtown Evansville, unfortunately I was unable to attend.  However, throughout the week I heard the jets practicing over head.

Justin snatched up a number of shots from the event, most are simply amazing.  It’s just so interesting to see aircraft that close to downtown and people!?  At any rate, be sure to checkout his photo stream at Flickr, by following the link below.

Justin DuPont PhotoStream

Link to Photo used for Evansville Blog’s Header

Evansvilleblog Header Update

On a much more frequent basis I will be using photos from around Evansville to update the header area of this blog.  Usually I’ll comb through Flickr for pictures or any that might be submitted to me. *hint *hint

Today’s updated blog header picture was taken by trainchaser and is entitled Evansville River Front 05 May 2011.