Evansville Indiana Craigslist Experience

Selling on Craigslist while free, is not worth the latest frustration.

December has not been a good month for me on Craigslist.  It has ruined me from wanting to try to sell anything on there.  Perhaps I’ll give it another break and come back in a few months.

The ability to sell for free is not worth the frustration.

Fall Sunsets In Evansville, IN

Social networking has changed yet again, this time in the form of an update to Twitter.  Most pictures are now automatically loaded in line within the newsfeed, as opposed to opened once the individual tweet is selected.  This means, whether I want it or not, I’m subjected to peoples image tweets.  Initially I hated it, but now it’s growing on me, and has allowed me to enjoy the beautiful sunsets Fall in Evansville, Indiana has to offer.

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Save All Mobile Photos Instantly

If you’re like me, the thought of backing up only crosses my mind after it’s too late. A few months ago my wife almost lost a lot of photos, taken with her smart phone. The removable memory card on her Droid Incredible received a disconnection error and only after a number of attempts where we finally able to get it mounted again and gain access for recovery. Lesson learned, it’s important to back up early and often, thankfully there are options to do backups immediately and store them safely in the cloud.

Speaking of which, if you needed an iPhone repair before you lost all the photos, do so immediately and without any delay or you might end up losing your precious moments.

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Evansville Mayoral Discussion on Social media

I’ve been working with the the Social Media Club of Evansville to get the word out about a new mayoral discussion event.  On October 24th, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at the Ridgway University Center in Eykamp Hall, mayoral candidates Rick Davis and Lloyd Winnecke will be discussing transparency and accountability within the Evansville Mayoral Office.  The focus will be on how social media and other new media tools can help open the doors to our local government and increase it’s effectiveness.

The event will be open to the public and I would encourage everyone to attend.  It’s a unique opportunity to hear what our candidates have to say about accountability within an information age.  I am personally interested in how they intend to keep it a 2-way street and encourage feedback through tools like Facebook, Twitter, and others.  I don’t think that the election process ends at the polls, it continues through the elected officials term and can be shaped and molded through social media.  Accountability in office can only be attained by keeping the doors open and social media gives us that ability.

Evansville Mayoral Discussion Event – Register Now, it’s FREE.

Social Media Risks and Challenges

Google- In Social Media

So, you want to know who defriended you or removed you from a Circle on Google+?  Are you sure you want to know?

Google- (Google Minus) is an application that monitors the circles you are in and notifies you when you are removed.  It’s a shame it doesn’t come with a reason, or perhaps its a blessing that you don’t have to enter a reason when removing someone from a circle.

Get Google- http://apps.kynetx.com/installable_apps/4549-GoogleMinus