Death of Kyle Parker

It’s really starting to make me sick, reading comments off the Courier Press website and now even WFIE is running a story on the topic.  Are there residents of Evansville really blaming the Evansville Police department for the death of Kyle Parker?

Again the masses are subjected to the out cry of a few hypocrites that can’t seem to understand split second decisions.  A police officer choose to pursue a suspect and the suspect decided to try and out run the law.  Unfortunately it ended with the death of Kyle Parker, because of the suspect, Samuel Manley, not because of the actions of the officer.

Manley’s vehicle ran into Parker’s car at an intersection, a mere 30 seconds after EPD attempted to pull Manley over.  Kyle Parker was killed and Manley apprehended, but now a few Evansville residents are questioning the validity of pursuing suspects.  It’s suggested that it’s better to let a suspect get away and try to apprehend them later, rather than risk dangering others in a high speed chase.  I don’t agree.

Oh sure, it’s easy to criticize and make ‘what if’s’ from the comfort and safety from the couch, but law enforcement have to make real split second decisions and live with them.  Would we be having a discussion on how the EPD did not act had the officer not pursued?  Say Samuel Manley simply drove off and had an accident with someone else or shot someone in another crime?

I may not always agree with the EPD, but in these types of situations, they should have our full support.  There should be no ‘Questions Raised’ simply because an officer was doing what his job dictates, to serve and protect.  Let’s support those that deserve it and condemn those that break the law.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kyle Parker.

Sign A Rama, Signs of Support

sign-a-ramaSign A Rama of Evansville, IN is offering a great promotion to local civic and charitable organizations.  This program aims to provide new signage at little to no cost for the institutions that qualify.  Only local businesses need apply, but even if you don’t qualify for this special promotion, Sign A Rama can still take care of your signage needs.

Just a few ideas that Sign A Rama can do for your organization:

  • Vehicle Decals or the full vehicle wraps. (These are especially eye catching, even just parked out fron. -ed.)
  • Identification Signage
  • Event Signage

The goal of the Signs of Support program is to ensure that those who need help the most, will get it.  It’s obvious that Sign A Rama is dedicated to the city of Evansville and being a resident I appreciate their efforts.  It’s not clear exactly how much grant money they have to offer, but I’ll imagine demand will be high.

From the Sign-A-Rama website.

Please consider your level of need prior to applying. We have limited funding and hope we can provide help to those of the greatest need and most powerful impact. It is not our intent that organizations who already have funding for their signage needs apply for assistance.

An application can be downloaded from their website or by clicking here.  Remember, this opportunity for free or little to no cost signage provided by Sign A Rama is for the following only.

  • Local Non-Profit
  • Local Affiliates of Registered Charities
  • Local Non-Government Civic Organizations
  • Vanderburgh Co. Public Schools
  • Warrick Co. Public Schools

This post was provided at no cost to Sign A Rama.

Wildebeest Be The WildeBEST?

Wildebeest Water Coaster
Wildebeest Water Coaster

Holiday World and Splashin Safari announced today their all new attraction for the 2010 season.  The Wildebeest will be worlds largest water-coaster and to date the most expensive attraction ever built by the theme park.

Check out Holiday World’s offical website for detailed information on the Wildebeest.

Some initial concerns about the water coaster are it’s location.  Already Splashin Safari has grown to enormous proportions, it’s simply a huge park.  This sounds good, but for families that means doing a lot of wakling to get somewhere, just to wait in line.  Myself and others feel money would have been well spent on integrating the ride into the existing attraction locations.  Much like the Congo River winds through the water park, the water coaster Wildebeest could have wound through the water park over head.

All said, it looks to be the first attraction I’m going to get excited about in years.  Not to mention, such a rare attraction will bring traverlers from all over and give the Travel Channel another excuse to come visit Holiday World and Splashin Safari.

Weinzapfel Blaiming Homestead On Job Cuts


I’m becoming increasingly infuriated every time I see news that Weinzapfel is blaiming the homestead exemption credit reinstatement on why he must slash all these jobs and issue cuts in other places.  It’s a cop out, a justification for him stealing from the residents of Vanderburgh County, salt in the wound.  It’s especially frustrating considering that of the $217 million budget the loss of funds from the homestead exemption was only $5 million, less than 2% of the total budget.

My thoughts are that if the jobs and items being funded relied on 2% of the budget, that never before existed, they didn’t need to be there in the first place.  Why should I be guilted on a daily basis for wanting my homestead exemption?  No one will have pity on me for losing my job due to cut backs in the recession, why should a government employees job be protected?

I’d be real interested in finding out all the items listed on the 2010 budget.  I refuse to believe that hot words like Ambulance would need to be cut first.  But I digress, whatever it takes to help you sleep at night Mr. Weinzapfel.

Standing Up To The 2010 Census

Often times I enjoy reading comments more than I enjoy reading actual news articles.  Today was no different with the persuasive article from The Courier Press.  Unfortunately this article focuses on guilting the reader into providing all the info the Census asks so that the city can get more funding from the government and hovers around political motivation for low population numbers.  Whatever the case, the comments are already being fired back about not wanting to provide personal information to the government.

A sample of comments:

The problem with the census is that Obama has illegally taken over the census. Plus our public funding is going to ACORN/COI to perform the counts. Tis was the group that registered Mickey Mouse

Never fear,C&P. MJR Inc. has been hired to get all the illegals in Evansville to fill out census forms. The population count will surely go up.

The only thing the government needs to know is the number of people living in my house. That is the all the law requires and that is all that they are getting.

2010 CensusAnd then of course there are comments firing back claiming all doom and gloom for not filling out the extra personal information.  Apologists, just wanting to give this administration anything they want, of course just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

From what I found there are fines associated with not completing a Census form, however I could not find where jail time was involved.  In the 2000 Census an individual could be fined up to $100 for not completing the form or up to $500 for providing false information.  However, I’ve seen reports from bloggers on the web that claim the maximum fine has been raised to $5,000 for not completing the form.  I’ve not found any proof or official documents verifying this.

As far as the US Constitution is involved it was only a way to keep a head count for legal residents within the United States.  The Census was not developed and written into the Constitution to keep track of any Social, Economic, or Housing Characteristics, which is exactly what the 2010 Census is designed to do.  According to the official Census website, 1 in 6 households will randomly be given a 2010 Census long form, which will contain a lot more specific and personal questions.

The 2010 Census Long Form is really what has people up in arms, at least those who value their privacy.  Questions pertaining to age of your home, amount of vehicles owned, type of kitchen facilities, and even fertility status are hardly any of the governments business.

So, will you be completing the long form if you are one of the lucky 1 in 6 choose?  Remember, the law requires you to fill out the Census as pertains to number of people living in your house, nothing more.