@deadeyelizzie You don’t have to be smart to win the lottery. :(

Leroy Fick wins $2 million in lottery, yet continues to use food stamps and draw social security. He will not be made to feel bad about his decision to collect on these social services he feels he is owed.

Just goes to show, you don’t have to be smart to win the lottery or casino arabi, just lucky. Also, blah blah blah, something about compassion.

Comments disabled on courierpress.com about 2012 election.

According to the front page of CourierPress.com the article, entitled The 2012 Election Can’t Come Soon Enough, had over 200 comments. However, once you go to the actual article page, the comments have been disabled.

Looks like there was most likely a very heated debate going on, perhaps not real constructive either.


Business To Business Should Be Local

Keep in mind I’ve had a working relationship with business owners all around Evansville for the better part of 8 years.  This includes business dealings in some shape or form affecting 1 man shops, mom and pop restaurants, or even the big manufacturers(or those that are left).  I’ve been a salesman, customer service rep, and just plain talkative to local people and local businesses.  So, when I say this, you know who you are.

Get your shit together!?  I am tired of hearing local businesses pitch the ‘buy local’, ‘support small business’, and ‘family owned’, only to have them turn around and purchase B2B (business to business) type items off the internet or from out of state.  Again, I know who you are, I deal with you every day whether you know it or not and it makes me sick.  Hey you big time movie man in Evansville, think those jerks you purchased that equipment from in New York will come down and buy a soda and popcorn?  NO!?  If it’s available local and even marginally close on price you should be spending locally.

It’s not just the big guys, it’s the little guys who rely on the normal you and me coming in to buy sandwiches, buy beer, or just use your services, whatever you may offer.  Tired of losing business to internet competitors or out of state contractors, how about spending money with your own local businesses and contractors where possible.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse.  If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander.

I’ve watched multiple businesses purchase product from an out of state vendor to save $10.  I’ve stood by while profits erode for everyone and then the business owner speaks out the side of their mouth.  I have officially STOPPED patronizing local businesses that refuse to purchase locally where applicable.  It’s no different expecting your business purchases to be kept local, than to expect your end users to use your products and services locally.

I would encourage everyone to do the same, speak up if someone insists on making purchasing decisions for a very marginal savings.  I’m not against saving money, but I am at the cost of giving business away to the lowest bidder, despite future costs and local support.  Post on Twitter, make a facebook update, create a blog post, tell someone about bad purchasing decisions.  Shame on you and you know who you are.

And that was a fluster cluck.

Jumping in feet first and purchasing a ton of netbooks at too high a price and before properly educating teachers and students on their use. Which brings to my attention, here we are 2 years later and we are just now starting to use them at some potential? Why wasn’t there classes for the teachers and training for students to make sure we can start using these tools to the fullest of their ability day one?

I have a few theories on this, but most are hair brain and involve back room deals that we know our local government is capable of. Also, EVSC, showing off bright new tools isn’t the same as showing off bright young minds.

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EVSC purchased its netbooks early compared to most other Indiana districts, Unger said. He noted the district also chose to jump in with both feet, purchasing hundreds of machines at one time for five schools, rather than phasing in the program.

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Insightbb Deception in The Mail

By the end of 2010 I was fed up with the marketing tactics of my cable and internet provider, Insight.  The company repeatedly sent out official looking documents, some so far as tricking me into thinking they were actual bills, only to be opened and be real world marketing spam.  The problem was getting out of hand and the waste of paper was just sickening.

Insight Deception
Insight Deception

Looks like Insight is wasting no time in 2011 doing the same thing.  Yesterday I received an official, red marked envelope, with official lettering stating ‘Do Not Bend’.  Did I miss a payment, will there be interruption in my service, is this a court summons?  Nope, just some spam informing me that I can get a deal on a phone line for the same price I could get it at the last 2 years.  This is not breaking news and as far as I’m concerned, should be illegal to market this way.

Insight Deception Phone Offer
Insight Deception Phone Offer

Keep it up Insightbb, I’ve already talked with WOW cable and internet provider and I’m ready to make the switch.  Put another stack of this crap in my mailbox and I’ll be cancelling immediately.