Evansville Habitat For Humanity Dedication On December 7th

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A26D42;”] T [/dropcap]he Evansville Habitat for Humanity will be dedicating a new home to a wonderful family on December 7th.  The home is located at 206 S. Grand Avenue, just south of the Lloyd Expressway and West of 41.   It’s going to be a celebration and an Open House, so all are welcome!

[quote type=”center”]What you don’t know about Evansville Habitat For Humanity. [/quote]

  • Habitat homes are not given away, the recipients must pay a mortgage based on a 25 year no interest loan.
  • Home recipients must donate 300+ hours of sweat equity into their home.
  • Because of Habitat, in 2013, there was $1 MILLION in property taxes paid to the city of Evansville.
  • Since 1984 over 400 families have directly benefited from Habitat.
  • Last week, the dedication was for Habitat’s first ever 2 bedroom home.

Ready to get involved?  Visit their website here http://www.evansvillehabitat.org/  From their website you can apply for a home, donate, and volunteer no the next build.  Thanks to everyone who help make the Evansville Habitat for Humanity a success, which strengthens our Evansville community.

2012 Hadi Shrine Circus Review

Review of the 79th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus in 2012 at the Ford Center in Evansville, IN.

It’s tradition that my family goes to the Hadi Shrine Circus every year on Thanksgiving Day. After gorging ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes, we find our way to Roberts Stadium, rather The Ford Center for the past 2 years. Last year, being the first year in the new Center, the Circus showed it’s age and barely capable of holding me and my daughters attention. So what’s new with the 2012 79th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus?

The first thing I noticed this year was that the acts were completely out of order. Some of the larger and more grand performances were actually pushed toward the first half of the show. This helped immensely as there was less filler and the excitement level was held high.

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Boo At The Zoo 2012 Review

Review of the 2012 Boo at the Zoo and improvements I think need to be made to maintain a quality annual event.

The 2012 Mesker Park Boo at the Zoo was, as usual, a treat for my 5 year old daughter. However, as a parent reviewing a local Zoo event, I was a little less than impressed. Lack of animals, treats, and interaction round out my disappointment for 2012. It would appear that the annual event has been in decline since the relaunch, when Amazonia first appeared.

The first year of Boo at the Zoo, when Amazonia first opened, I thought was the peak of the event. Visitors were met with countless hands on interactions with animals and Mesker staff. While waiting in the enormous line, Zoo employees were walking around with bunny rabbits, abyssinian guinea pig and other small animals for kids to pet. Throughout the trail, scattered around the Zoo, were also countless animal interactions.

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New Media and Theme Park Interaction

The idea that new media is gaining traction excites me.  Here we are, early adopters, helping the segment grow and businesses are adopting now faster than ever.  But we aren’t just talking about guru’s selling widgets, now real companies have real presence in social media.  One company, that has led the way and set example for others to follow is Holiday World.

First theme park in the world, predating Disney, and still setting industry firsts.  Holiday World is also the first amusement park to create a blog, for use to communicate with guests and strengthen their relationship with their customers.  It’s not just corporate drivel found on the many HoliPosts, but real world information and behind the scenes pictures that help tell a HoliStory.  For example, the latest blog post features a punny title and features pictures of the construction on the new water slide, The Mammoth.  This blog is designed to connect with customers, keep us interested in the off season, and ultimately bring us through the turn styles.  It works because I don’t feel like I’m being sold to, I’m being introduced to what the company is proud of.

Holiday World doesn’t stop at blog posts, they also are active on Twitter and Facebook.  This theme park does an amazing job at keeping all channels updated and interact directly with the public.  New media allows for easy two-way interaction, that benefits the company and the customer.  Again, Holiday World does an amazing job at this by sticking around after a tweet, responding to wall posts, and making sure blog comments are addressed.

I’m excited to share that Paula Werne will be speaking at the next Social Media Club of Evansville meeting on November 21st.  From 6:00 to 8:00 PM Paula will talk about how Holiday World has navigated the peaks and valleys of mastering the new media frontier.  Everyone is invited, so please sign up today.

[button link=”http://smcevansville.org/ask-holiday-world/” color=”lightblue”] Ask Holiday World A Question[/button]

Have a question to ask Holiday World about social media?  Fill out the ‘Ask Holiday Word Form‘ and we’ll make sure Paula sees your question.



Evansville Mayoral Discussion on Social media

I’ve been working with the the Social Media Club of Evansville to get the word out about a new mayoral discussion event.  On October 24th, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at the Ridgway University Center in Eykamp Hall, mayoral candidates Rick Davis and Lloyd Winnecke will be discussing transparency and accountability within the Evansville Mayoral Office.  The focus will be on how social media and other new media tools can help open the doors to our local government and increase it’s effectiveness.

The event will be open to the public and I would encourage everyone to attend.  It’s a unique opportunity to hear what our candidates have to say about accountability within an information age.  I am personally interested in how they intend to keep it a 2-way street and encourage feedback through tools like Facebook, Twitter, and others.  I don’t think that the election process ends at the polls, it continues through the elected officials term and can be shaped and molded through social media.  Accountability in office can only be attained by keeping the doors open and social media gives us that ability.

Evansville Mayoral Discussion Event – Register Now, it’s FREE.

Social Media Risks and Challenges