Ryan Tibbs Calls 911 On Himself

The post title is a little misleading, he only called 911 on himself because he was afraid he would freeze to death.  You see, Ryan Tibbs stole a 2000 Ford Explorer from a local farmer, and in the process wrecked the vehicle.  At this point he set out on foot, scared of being arrested for his crime, got lost, and sought shelter in machine shop.

Around 11:30 at night, fearful he may freeze to death, Ryan Tibbs dialed 911 in hopes that the police would not question his situation.  He was found out, but saved from freezing, and taken to Fairfield Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.  Oh yeah, he’s also in jail now.

After this experience I can only hope he gets his life turned around and back on track.  Or at least takes some driving lessons.

Ryan Tibbs

Less Crime At Fall Fest Than Previous Years

About time the EPD took the West Side Nut Club fall fest seriously. The amount of people that have started attending the huge food festival is absolutely staggering and with that usually comes crime. Thankfully this year, so far, the crime has been limited to a few scuffles and a couple of thefts.

I know in previous years, while attending the Fall Festival, I just didn’t feel real safe in the evenings. However, with the increase in police visibility, I’m more likely to hang around past dark.

Hopefully this will be another profitable year for all the non-profits. It’s important to recognize what the Nut Club has done for the city of Evansville, in regards to helping fund local worthy causes.

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There have been a few fights but police say the only crimes reported have been an auto theft and a theft from a vehicle.

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Mobile Meth Makers

Mmm, poor taste I know, but damn these people never learn.  Justin Ping and Rodney Doan were arrested today for manufacturing, possession, and driving under the influence.  Under the influence of what, you may ask?  Justin was high on morphine, meth, and marajuana while driving his 2000 Dodge Ram.

So, not only was the driver under the influence of multiple drugs, but there was also a mobile meth lab in the back bed of the Ram.  Consider the dangers of a meth lab in a stationary position, like a home or even a hotel.  It was last year around this time that a meth lab exploded in a motel in Boonville.  What could have happened had there been a fender bender?

My feedback, throw these jerks in prison.  They need to be removed from society, for good.  Whenver I read about local arrests like this I automatically think what would have happened had my wife and daughter been in an accident with the vehicle.  Or how this type of criminal activity affects my families daily routine.

According to Evansville news sources, the arrest happened on CR 900 East, near Oakland City.

More Meth Found In Basement

A new meth lab has been found in Evansville, this time in the basement of a home located at 1730 Division Street.  As usual, the two involved have mug shots only a mother could love and even then, said mother might deny being related due to the charges. If one is incriminated of false charges, then the first thing to be done would be to get hold of a proper criminal defense attorney to extricate you from the charges. And here at MikeGLaw.com, the attorneys sort out the charges legally and scrutinise the proceedings to decriminalise the innocent.

According to a local Hillsboro immigration lawyer, not only was John Michael Hall and Kara Gonterman endangering themselves, whomever they sold the meth to, and their neighbors, but also a child.  Originally that’s what the cops were called out for, checking on the welfare of a child, which lead to the discovery of two one-off meth making contraptions.

John Hall claims he was making it only for himself, claiming it was cheaper than buying it.  Hell, how could you argue with logic like that?  Furthermore, Mr. Hall was wanted in relation to a robbery all the way over in Wichita, Kansas, although the Courier Press did not mention how old that warrant was.

The comments on the Courier Press website are understandably intolerant of such behavior in our city.  These comments also highlight the underlying issues with such a drug like meth, which kills parents and leaves kids as orphans.  If ever an anti-drug campaign was needed in Evansville, now is the time to start promoting the dangers and hopefully curb the issue in the future.