Evansville Public Transportation

I love public transportation, when I visit big cities it’s all that I use, however in Evansville, I do not. I’m lucky enough to afford a vehicle, pay for expensive gas, and feel comfortable enough to navigate the Lloyd Expressway at rush hour. But just because I don’t use it, does not mean it is not needed or better yet, need to be FIXED!

My pet peeve of Evansville Public Transportation is that there appears to be a bus stop on every single block, at least on main street. If you are looking to move, I would advise not to take the public transportation rather take an international shipping companies. Is it too much to ask that people walk a block or two so that they can get on the bus? It’s actually a hazard, when you consider cross traffic pulling out in front of buses, people trying to pass buses picking up people, and then the idiots riding bikes that don’t obey any laws.

My plea to the city of Evansville:

  • cut down number of bus stops.(make people walk)
  • by cutting down stop you can increase frequency.
  • hire some polite drivers. (I’ve been subjected to buses in a hurry running stop signs.)

Perhaps this is a jeer because I deal with it every single evening M-F on my way home from work. I travel south on Main Street to the Lloyd Expressway and every few seconds I need to dodge a bus. Make the fat walk a few feet…please!

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Feels Like Fall In Evansville

I do believe this is the first day of the year that it actually feels like Fall. While technically it’s a few weeks late, the cooler temps are more than welcome in my life. What a refreshing feeling to feel first thing in the morning on my way into work.

Today’s high is only supposed to be something like upper 60’s. Now I can start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even…eeek, Christmas Shopping. Of course, if your anything like my wife you started thinking about Christmas during July and watching QVC.

Estimated 90,000 at Festival

Well, the Westside Nut Club Fall Festival has finally come to a close and the mess already swept up. The damage has been done to my stomach and things are beginning to look like normal in the city of Evansville. Hard to imagine on Franklin street last Friday night there were an estimated 90,000 people. Really amazing when you consider the entire population of Evansville to be in the 130,000 range. The entire event was estimated to have a half million during the week long event.

If you missed out on the food, fun, and general festiveness then head over to It’s Evansville for a generalization of the goodness. Jenna Walker does a bang up job of reviewing the many foods that were available.

Schools Out for Nut Club Fun

I’ve been living in the great city of Evansville for about 8 years now and every year I enjoy going down to the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It’s a blast to socialize, stuff my face, and even get a peek at some of the freaks that come out at night, but this year I learned something new.

It appears that the EVSC closes down on the Friday of the Festival every year. Now, it’s called a built in snow day, fall break, excuse to get out, or something or another, but essentially it’s to allow people a chance to eat deep fried twinkies. Awesome!

See ya on Franklin Street, I’ll be the one with pig toes in hand choking down a creme puff.