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Finding a used car is difficult, but it would seem in the past 6 months it’s becoming impossible to find value. At least in regards to what your money could buy at the end of 2013. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that the price of used cars in Evansville has skyrocketed, while the selection has dwindled. Turns out, after speaking with multiple car lots and salesmen, the issues are intertwined.

The short of this article is that I’ve seen the value in used cars shrink and I recommend avoiding Bennett Motors at all cost. For the long story, about buying cars and trucks in Evansville, please continue below and note that I do not have Heisenberg’s problems. If you have a totaled car you can visit and have them come take that car away for you can scrap it. You may scrap your car for cash here. The cost of of everything rises, but you tend to notice huge jumps. This is the case when looking to purchase any vehicle, new or used. Technology, features, durability, have all trumped the ability for modern vehicles to be cost effective. Recently, consumers have decided to hold onto older vehicles, not trade as often, and instead put money into repairs. For the best services, I usually check for Auto Repair service near me and go for the one that has the best reviews.  This lowers the actual used car inventory, thus driving purchase prices up. Of course, if you car is not running, it is best to get rid of it asap. You can sell it to a company like Tony’s Auto Removal Portland. This is convenient and fast.

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Compounding the issue of higher used car prices, is the fact that new cars are often very close in price. So what happens is, buyers will tend to gravitate to the better value and if the used car is close to the same price as new, the new wins. But this is not the experience I had in late 2013, when I purchased my wife a used Toyota Camry.

When searching for a used car, I checked online, visited car lots in Evansville, Henderson, Mt Vernon, and even Owensboro. Car removal Perth also had many options available. What I found was a staggering price difference, at least in the narrow focus of what I wanted, a Camry. On average, Evansville car lots listed 2011 Camry’s, with less than 50k miles, $4,000 to $5,000 more! There was no lack of inventory at this time, just a higher price. Mt Vernon dealership Expressway, was probably the least helpful in willingness to negotiate, nevermind the starting price. So I kept looking and ended up purchasing my used car in Owensboro. Till date using to sell off my used car was among the best decisions I have made. As I got the right price for it, unlike other companies that tried to make me loos money by showing various flaws in my car.

Don Moore used car lot in Owensboro ended up having 6 Camrys that met my criteria. Each and every one had a lower starting price than anything comparable I found in Evansville. So, I set down to negotiate, pleased with my experience, and walked away with my brand new, used Camry. Flip forward to August and September of 2014, my struggle for a used vehicle has been met with frustration.

My Used Car Search 2014

As mentioned above, I’ve ran into a wall, where selection doesn’t exist and prices are depressingly higher than they were last year. Salesmen and saleswomen have told me the same story, low inventory is driving higher prices. This time the story checks out at every car lot I spoke with, except for one, Bennett Motors off of Heidelbach in Evansville.

[quote]We just put those high prices on our vehicles to hopefully take advantage of those that don’t know what they’re talking about.[/quote]

Where the Corvette sets high in the sky and the lot is ran by those looking to milk the community. My experience at Bennett was awful and I’m upset at myself for giving them more attention than I should have. So let me start with my first impression, after driving onto the used car lot.

I was immediately approached by a salesman, that informed me I’d have to talk with another salesman. I waited, looked around, then had another salesman come out to greet me. After looking at a few vehicles, asking some questions, the new employee informed me he would have to check some figures inside. After waiting awhile more, a NEW salesman came outside, who informed me he would now have to be the one taking care of me. In tow was the manager of Bennett, who apologized for the 2nd employee, which stated that he was busy with an appointment. Ok, whatever.

So I started over again with the 3rd salesman, asking questions, looking at inventory and finally turned the discussion to the high price tags. What I was told, floored me and I wish I would have drove off, right then and there. He told me, verbatim; “We just put those high prices on our vehicles to hopefully take advantage of those that don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Can you imagine, why would I possibly trust this salesman or car lot, after a statement like that. Against my better judgement I stuck around, continued to look, and even entertained the idea of purchasing an exceptionally good looking car. One of the notices said: “We provide cheap car parts“. That sounded a good idea. Thankfully, I had some time to meditate on the transaction and what I was told, so I left.

Bennett Motors Review

Because of this, I would not recommend anyone visit Bennett Motors in Evansville to purchase a used car. I would go so far as to say I recommend avoiding them at all costs. If I were to review Bennett Motors in one word, I’d simply state, untrustworthy. My hard earned money is better spent with businesses that I can trust and start a relationship with, over the purchase of multiple vehicles.

So, in closing, be prepared for your dollar to not stretch as far, when buying a used car in Evansville or the Tri-State. Expect frustration when searching for just that right car or truck, and that is not mentioning checking cars for legal stuff and accident records, getting consultatoon at, if necessary. And, if at all possible, avoid Bennett Motors like the dishonest company that it is. Thanks random salesperson for setting me straight!

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