Fall Sunsets In Evansville, IN

Sunset in Evansville, IN

Social networking has changed yet again, this time in the form of an update to Twitter.  Most pictures are now automatically loaded in line within the newsfeed, as opposed to opened once the individual tweet is selected.  This means, whether I want it or not, I’m subjected to peoples image tweets.  Initially I hated it, but now it’s growing on me, and has allowed me to enjoy the beautiful sunsets Fall in Evansville, Indiana has to offer.

Sunsets from Twtitter:

Evansville, IN SunsetCourtesy of Debra Miller – https://twitter.com/wikydebramiller/status/400393666776150016/photo/1

Evansville, IN SunsetPhoto by Chris Koyle – http://instagram.com/p/gg33wpt4PW/

Sunset In The City of EvansvillePhoto By Andrea Kappler – http://instagram.com/p/gg33wpt4PW/

Thank you Twitter for forcing me to see the amazing pictures the people of Evansville Indiana are able to capture.  These are especially appreciated when I can’t get out to see the pics myself.  Unfortunately my sunset pic was blocked by required technology. 🙁

Sunset in Evansville, IN





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