Evansville Outsourcing Safety On Greenway

Due to a recent accident on the Pigeon Creek Greenway, the Evansville Parks and Recreation Board has hired an outside firm to come assess the dangers of the bike trail.  Instead of hiring a local firm, Evansville has hired someone out of Indianapolis and paying them $9,500 to point out where patrons could get hurt.

Although the inspection is most likely being done to curb any future lawsuits, the parents of the small girl who fell look like they will be suing the Parks and Recreation Board.

Jones said the girl’s family has sent a tort claim to the city, a preliminary step to filing a lawsuit.

So what’s the solution, put up barriers everywhere and make sure said barriers are padded?  Take down the bike trails, because it’s too dangerous anyway?  Surely some of the responsibility should be laid squarely on the parents and people who ride the trails and enjoy the scenery.  We are a sue happy society and it’s going to end up ruining Evansville for the rest of us.

My heart does go out to the little girl cited as getting hurt, it’s a very scary thing to have a child injured.  But is the first step to always go after someone else in hopes of getting money?  Instead, lets look at ways that the community could help with medical bills or another means of generating funds, that won’t require extreme measures like building walls.

Lastly, if assessment is necessary and actions are required, let’s keep the work local.  I can already imagine the next headline, ‘Evansville Hires Employees From Mexico To Install Safety Equipment On Greenway’.

Source: CourierPress.com

Author: Christopher

I live on the North side of Evansville with my wife and 6 year old daughter. I've been a resident of Evansville, IN since 1999, originally from Spencer County. I'm employed by a local Whole Sale Distributor and use my spare time to develop websites and market online projects.

3 thoughts on “Evansville Outsourcing Safety On Greenway”

  1. The total of all medical bills for proper care of a pediatric skull fracture is certain to exceed the coverage maximums of most health plans. With this in mind, a simple family bike ride could easily knock a hard working family off its feet. For a long, long time.

    We’ve heard many complaints about this litigious society we live in. Should we instead consider asking why a pediatric skull fracture is so expensive that it threatens to destroy the dreams of an entire family? Financially, the most well educated, well employed, well insured of families might not survive such a medical trauma.

    With this in mind, are adequate precautions built into the City of Evansville’s Pigeon Creek Greenway?

    We will soon know the professional opinion of disinterested experts who have no locally vested interest in the outcome.

    Hiring from Indy was, perhaps, a very wise decision.

  2. Hey Stan, very interesting view point. However, I hate using other problems as an argument for the topic being argued about. It’s a cheap way out.

    Yes, I agree medical bills are out of hand. No, no medical bill should cripple a family.

    That being said, the issue is the sue happy nation we live in. Furthermore, another problem is a city that refuses to use work locally. We might as well outsource our local government to mexico.

    My heart does go out to the family, but outsourcing is not the answer. Neither is suing the city of Evansville.

  3. I live two blocks from the Garvin Park entrance and if that closes I get cut off from just about everywhere. I am thinking about starting a petition to fix that area and keep it open. Let me know on you tube of you would like to help. plz & ty

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