Vectren Summer Cycler Program Explained

Vectren Summer Cycler ProgramVectren, in an attempt to help lower peoples electric bills and save on resources, has inacted the Vectren Summer Cycler Program.  The short explanation is that Vectren will remotely shut off your air conditioning unit during peak times, to conserve energy.  Although just recently the program has failed, due to demand, below is an explanation of the program to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The Perks

First off and probably most important, the program is designed to save you money every month. You can lessen the cost even more by getting a small room dehumidifier by a click here, thus collectively saving you a ton of money. Not only will you receive a discount from Vectren for enrolling, you will also save money from the lower use of power running your A/C.

Remote Turn Off

When you sign up for the Vectren Summer Cycler, a local heating and Austin Duct Cleaning company will come out and install a device on your air conditioner.  This device will be remotely controlled by Vectren and shut power off to the A/C for 12-13 minutes every half hour during the peak hours of the day. AirPros delivers impeccable A/C repair, install & preventive maintenance solutions.

The Downside

In the really hot summer months, 12-13 minutes of no A/C can make a big difference in the temperature of your house.  Newer well insulated homes might not tell a difference, but older homes without proper insulation can heat up very quickly.  In only a matter of minutes the temperature in your house can raise from 75 to 90 degrees.

Although the program is aimed at saving on utility bills, many individuals feel that it’s just another way for Vectren to control their own expenses.  Vectren claims that there are 20-30 thousand homes that already participate in the Summer Cycler program and as many as 30 people sign up everyday to have the remote switch installed.

Personal Experience

I participate in the Vectren Summer Cycler with no ill effects.  People against the program claim that it’s like Vectren controlling your thermostat, but my house always remains the temperature I set it at, which is a cool 72-73 degrees.  I’ve never noticed my A/C not kicking on when I want it to, but my unit is newer and my house is well insulated.

The total savings I receive every month from Vectren, not including actual energy savings, is a credit for $5.00.  It may not seem like much, but the actual energy consumption being lowered and credit over the summer adds up.  Of course as soon as my family starts being uncomfortable, I will be discontinuing use.

What’s your experience in Evansville for the Vectren Summer Cycler Program?  Does anyone have any reviews to share?

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  1. Yester day 15 May 2017,3:00PM, I noticed my A/C compressor shut down for about 10 seconds then restarted for about 1 second. This continued until the 10th time when it continued to run for a while. Then after about 10 minutes the same thing started again. Is the cycler controller causing this or do I need a service tech to look at it.

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