Dotiki Mine Collapse

Dotiki Mine Collapse

It’s been a sad morning for families and friends of the two miners who were lost in the mine collapse in western Kentucky.  All day news has emerged that at least one miner had been pulled out of the mine alive, while others have reported that both have been killed.  As of this posting no official word on the status of the two miners have been released.

The two men have been identified as Justin Travis and Michael Carter.  At one point this morning rescue crews were reportedly able to get within 4 ft of one of the men, although it wasn’t clear which one or if they were even alive.

Social network site Twitter has been alive with updates on the western Kentucky coal mine collapse, but seems after each update it must be retracted.  Up until the past 15-20 mins everything has been speculation or unverified information coming out of local news outlets.  It’s obvious that instant news from a source like Twitter can be a double edged sword, spreading misinformation being good or bad.

My thoughts and prayers have gone out to the family, friends, and miners who may still be trapped inside.  I couldn’t possibly imagine what they must be going through.

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