Death of Kyle Parker

It’s really starting to make me sick, reading comments off the Courier Press website and now even WFIE is running a story on the topic.  Are there residents of Evansville really blaming the Evansville Police department for the death of Kyle Parker?

Again the masses are subjected to the out cry of a few hypocrites that can’t seem to understand split second decisions.  A police officer choose to pursue a suspect and the suspect decided to try and out run the law.  Unfortunately it ended with the death of Kyle Parker, because of the suspect, Samuel Manley, not because of the actions of the officer.

Manley’s vehicle ran into Parker’s car at an intersection, a mere 30 seconds after EPD attempted to pull Manley over.  Kyle Parker was killed and Manley apprehended, but now a few Evansville residents are questioning the validity of pursuing suspects.  It’s suggested that it’s better to let a suspect get away and try to apprehend them later, rather than risk dangering others in a high speed chase.  I don’t agree.

Oh sure, it’s easy to criticize and make ‘what if’s’ from the comfort and safety from the couch, but law enforcement have to make real split second decisions and live with them.  Would we be having a discussion on how the EPD did not act had the officer not pursued?  Say Samuel Manley simply drove off and had an accident with someone else or shot someone in another crime?

I may not always agree with the EPD, but in these types of situations, they should have our full support.  There should be no ‘Questions Raised’ simply because an officer was doing what his job dictates, to serve and protect.  Let’s support those that deserve it and condemn those that break the law.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Kyle Parker.

Author: Christopher

I live on the North side of Evansville with my wife and 6 year old daughter. I've been a resident of Evansville, IN since 1999, originally from Spencer County. I'm employed by a local Whole Sale Distributor and use my spare time to develop websites and market online projects.

One thought on “Death of Kyle Parker”

  1. My heart aches. I have found peace. I have found happiness. but my heart will forever ache. My home and life is empty of my childrens father. My best friend. My thoughts are made from the comfort of my home. every day that passes they become clearer. I am the expert. One person is jail over their split decision. Highly respected officers made a split decision. in a school zone. horrid intersection. They made the wrong decision. We are all human. we make mistakes. I am forced to live with my mistakes and pay the consequenses of them. I am sure you are too. As should we all

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