Wildebeest Be The WildeBEST?

Wildebeest Water Coaster
Wildebeest Water Coaster

Holiday World and Splashin Safari announced today their all new attraction for the 2010 season.  The Wildebeest will be worlds largest water-coaster and to date the most expensive attraction ever built by the theme park.

Check out Holiday World’s offical website for detailed information on the Wildebeest.

Some initial concerns about the water coaster are it’s location.  Already Splashin Safari has grown to enormous proportions, it’s simply a huge park.  This sounds good, but for families that means doing a lot of wakling to get somewhere, just to wait in line.  Myself and others feel money would have been well spent on integrating the ride into the existing attraction locations.  Much like the Congo River winds through the water park, the water coaster Wildebeest could have wound through the water park over head.

All said, it looks to be the first attraction I’m going to get excited about in years.  Not to mention, such a rare attraction will bring traverlers from all over and give the Travel Channel another excuse to come visit Holiday World and Splashin Safari.

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