Weinzapfel Blaiming Homestead On Job Cuts


I’m becoming increasingly infuriated every time I see news that Weinzapfel is blaiming the homestead exemption credit reinstatement on why he must slash all these jobs and issue cuts in other places.  It’s a cop out, a justification for him stealing from the residents of Vanderburgh County, salt in the wound.  It’s especially frustrating considering that of the $217 million budget the loss of funds from the homestead exemption was only $5 million, less than 2% of the total budget.

My thoughts are that if the jobs and items being funded relied on 2% of the budget, that never before existed, they didn’t need to be there in the first place.  Why should I be guilted on a daily basis for wanting my homestead exemption?  No one will have pity on me for losing my job due to cut backs in the recession, why should a government employees job be protected?

I’d be real interested in finding out all the items listed on the 2010 budget.  I refuse to believe that hot words like Ambulance would need to be cut first.  But I digress, whatever it takes to help you sleep at night Mr. Weinzapfel.

Author: Christopher

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