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Christ their prices are getting out of hand.  Just last night my wife and I decided to check out Disney’s UP and it ended up costing us close to $30 when all was said and done.  Consider that the normal charge for a movie is $9 and it’s an additional $2.50 per ticket to see a 3D film like UP.  Now set back $23.00 I slowly make my way to the snack bar where I have to pony up $5.00 for a small coke and small popcorn.

So, $28 later I’m setting in a cozy theater, decent picture, 3d images, great sound, but drinking water downed coke and stale popcorn.  Is it worth it?  Money spent does not equal enjoyment gained, from the movie, experience, and derfinately not from the over priced snack crap.

Showplace Cinemas of Evansville at least do one thing right and that’s keep the cheap theater open on the South side.  My family may dedicate the rest of our Summer movie going to that theater, since we won’t be able to afford the over priced Showplace East.  I blame their fast expansion right before the recession, because I counted no more than 10 people in that crappy lil bar.

That reminds me, yes, you can smell the smoke out in the lobby of the theater and it’s annoying.  Maybe the ventillation people should of thought of this before installing a bar in a movie theater.

Buying Showplace Cinemas Tickets Online

Thinking about saving some money by buying your movie tickets online?  Guess again, not only do you pay the high ticket price online, but you are also subject to a $1.00 internet fee.  What the hell is an internet fee?  Every other industry in the world offers discounts for purchasing online, since it obiviously cuts down on man hours, etc.


Please get with the times Showplace Cinemas.

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