Holiday Drive In REO

Man, the Holiday Drive In in REO needs to update their website more frequently.  Here I am planning outings for the weekend and I can’t even tell what will be showing at the drive in.  The only thing that’s up as of this posting is last weeks schedule.  Will they be showing Terminator Salvation?  I don’t know, it’s anyones guess.

Furthermore, their existing website is an eye sore.  Poor navigation, little information, and plastered with second rate advertisements.  No thanks.

Holiday Drive In Reo official website – click here

If the owners of Holiday Drive In are looking for someone to setup a quality website, just let me know.  I’d be happy to put together an easily updatable, clean, useful website in exchange for a handful of summer tickets.

Evansville Intelligencer Online

Thanks to Josh for leaving a comment on my blog, I was able to find out about his new website Evansville Intelligencer.  The Intelligencer was launched at the beginning of April and appears to cover most things Evansville.  At first glance the categories covered will be Health and Hygiene, Society and Events, Food and Drinks, Evansville Discoveries, and my personal favorite, Politics.

It’s obvious that great articles about Evansville will be published here, mainly due to the sites impressive list of contributors.  Looks like experts on night life, legal studies, and even an MD contributing to the Health of Evansville.

Admittedly I don’t get out as much as I would like, mainly because I’m a new father.  But thanks to the Intelligencer’s articles I can pick and choose, spending my free time wisely.  However, as for the politics side of things, we may be on opposite sides of the fence.  So I’ll tread lightly on upcoming comments and reviews.

Good luck on the site Joshua, Jessica, Anne, and Kelley!