Why Does Evansville Stink?

I first noticed one of the residents of Evansville on Twitter asking why Evansville stunk.  Figured it had something to do with his specific location.  Unfortunately as soon as I walked outside I smelled what seemed like a pile of rotting wet rags.

Since then there have been 2 others mention the stench that seems to be moving all over the city.  Of course there hasn’t been an official response or comment in the media, Hoyt of Channel 14 WFIE made an observation.

Likely farming. We did a story out of Gibson Co. about using turkey litter which has strong smell when it gets wet and warmer.

So, if you are outside today and wondering what’s crawling up your nose, it’s probably fertilizer.  The warmer temperatures bring out more than greenery and wild life, it also brings out the squiggly stink lines.


According to Jeff Lyons we are experiencing a weather condition called Inversion.  This conditions normally causes conditions for smog, but in our case can intensify the stench of the city dump and fertilizers being used on nearby farms.

Also, added this to the weather category. 😉

Not A Snow Storm, 09 Was A Snow Storm

The snow that dropped on us last night was not nearly wet enough to create a snow ball or a snow man for that matter.  But it does look pretty and hasn’t created terrible conditions, as far as I can tell.

I did enjoy the fact that I only had to brush the snow off my windows this morning, instead of scraping and chipping at 1″ of ice like last January.  That’s right, remember the January 09 snow storm?  This wasn’t a storm, this was a light dusting of sprinkly goodness.

Hard to believe that the storm moving through last night was supposed to surpass the nastiness we had in December of 04, at least here in Evansville.  Perhaps we should be thanking our lucky stars we aren’t further north.  Now it’s time to just hunker down and prepare for the bitter cold. brrrr

First Snow of 2010 Tonight

2010 SnowWell, we were promised a white Christmas, but we who travel dodged that bullet.  However, it looks like tonight will be the first snow of the year.  Evansville has been under a Winter advisory all day, which will last until 6:00 pm tomorrow, when we will finish up our 3″-5″ of snow.  I hope they are right, if it’s gonna be cold, at least add some snow so it looks pretty too.

For those looking to make snowmen, I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but snow angels should be possible.  According to our local meteorologists it will amount to white dust, which will most likely be blowing in my eyes tomorrow on my way to work.

At any rate, Happy New Year to Evansville, Indiana!  I look forward to developing some reviews, commentary, and meeting those of you in the community.  Let me know if you are working on something you’d like a little more exposure on, especially if it’s a good cause.

Could Use Some Rain

Sure could use some rain, this drought has been killing me in Evansville Indiana.  How many days has it been since it rained last?

I guess the good news is that there is a storm front moving in the size of Missouri and it’s all red on my radar.  Of course I’m being sarcastic and I’m pulling my hair out ready to be done with all this rain.  Come on, at least give me 2 days in a row where I don’t have to worry about my gutters or flooding.

If I wouldn’t have mowed in the rain last Saturday it would have probably been another week before I will get the chance.  Give us a break mother nature, give us some sun, make the storms go away!

Storms Rockin Evansville, again

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning.  It seems like every other day is a storm here and not just a happy go lucky storm, but one that drops 5-10″ of rain at a time.  Most of the storms last week went north of us, so I truly feel sorry for those who are experiencing the flooding right now.

However, my house is located on the South East side, so I’m not immune to flooding either.  Whenever these storms start rolling in I get anxiety for fear this this will be another gusher that brings in the wet stuff, flooding my living room.  Hopefully the storms today will pass north again or at least be mild with the rain they bring.  According to Weather.com we only have a 50% chance of rain tonight(fingers crossed).

Doesn’t seem to anyone else like we haven’t had just a rain in 08?  Instead of receiving the occasional shower, all we get are severe thunder storms, nothing in between.  Oh well, soon enough we will be into a drought, just like last summer, until fall hits.