Sledding With My Daughter

My daughter and I enjoying the snow for December 2012, this is a video of us going sledding.

My daughter and I went out sledding this morning, the fresh snow from last night was perfect for it.  We enjoyed snow ball fights, partially creating snow men then destroying them, and of course sledding.

What sled ride is complete, without a RAMP!

Last Nights Storm In Evansville

Well, the storm last night certainly didn’t amount to as much chaos as the news lead us to believe.  I’m thankful for that, but not happy about the sleep I lost last night worrying about tornadoes in January.  But something else that was upsetting was how difficult it was to find decent coverage of the storm on Insight basic cable.

For starters the only coverage I could find leading into the storm was on WFIE 14.  This would be fine, except for the fact that their studio was struck by lightning, which caused their audio to cut out every few seconds.  FOX wasn’t covering the severe weather, other than a ticker at the bottom of the screen.  My preference, Wayne Hart, couldn’t be found until the storm actually hit and the sirens sounded.

Once I found Wayne Hart, it looked like his budget had been cut so much that he could barely be seen on the TV, the quality was just awful.  Was it just me or did it look like a cardboard cut out standing in front of an 80’s console TV?

We need more choices in Evansville for severe weather coverage.  The door is open, someone please stand up.

P.S. WFIE 14, please, oh please change your graphic and depiction of windshear, it looked like the map was covered in blood.  Not the nicest way to communicate when people are freaked out over severe weather in Evansville.

Less Crime At Fall Fest Than Previous Years

About time the EPD took the West Side Nut Club fall fest seriously. The amount of people that have started attending the huge food festival is absolutely staggering and with that usually comes crime. Thankfully this year, so far, the crime has been limited to a few scuffles and a couple of thefts.

I know in previous years, while attending the Fall Festival, I just didn’t feel real safe in the evenings. However, with the increase in police visibility, I’m more likely to hang around past dark.

Hopefully this will be another profitable year for all the non-profits. It’s important to recognize what the Nut Club has done for the city of Evansville, in regards to helping fund local worthy causes.

From, thank you.

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There have been a few fights but police say the only crimes reported have been an auto theft and a theft from a vehicle.