New Media and Theme Park Interaction

The idea that new media is gaining traction excites me.  Here we are, early adopters, helping the segment grow and businesses are adopting now faster than ever.  But we aren’t just talking about guru’s selling widgets, now real companies have real presence in social media.  One company, that has led the way and set example for others to follow is Holiday World.

First theme park in the world, predating Disney, and still setting industry firsts.  Holiday World is also the first amusement park to create a blog, for use to communicate with guests and strengthen their relationship with their customers.  It’s not just corporate drivel found on the many HoliPosts, but real world information and behind the scenes pictures that help tell a HoliStory.  For example, the latest blog post features a punny title and features pictures of the construction on the new water slide, The Mammoth.  This blog is designed to connect with customers, keep us interested in the off season, and ultimately bring us through the turn styles.  It works because I don’t feel like I’m being sold to, I’m being introduced to what the company is proud of.

Holiday World doesn’t stop at blog posts, they also are active on Twitter and Facebook.  This theme park does an amazing job at keeping all channels updated and interact directly with the public.  New media allows for easy two-way interaction, that benefits the company and the customer.  Again, Holiday World does an amazing job at this by sticking around after a tweet, responding to wall posts, and making sure blog comments are addressed.

I’m excited to share that Paula Werne will be speaking at the next Social Media Club of Evansville meeting on November 21st.  From 6:00 to 8:00 PM Paula will talk about how Holiday World has navigated the peaks and valleys of mastering the new media frontier.  Everyone is invited, so please sign up today.

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Have a question to ask Holiday World about social media?  Fill out the ‘Ask Holiday Word Form‘ and we’ll make sure Paula sees your question.



Twit’s To Follow In Evansville

twitter-logoTwitter is a popular and exponentially growing online communication tool used by virtually everyone.  Think of the service as like a one way conversation that allows you to listen into what certain individuals are doing, right when it’s happening.  Now, the conversations don’t have to be one way, the ability to subscribe to each others updates is what makes Twitter a social phenomenon.

So who uses Twitter in Evansville and why should you follow them?

ME – Myself and  this blog are on twitter, so you can be notified of new blog posts and what I’m doing on a semi-personal basis.

Scott Dimmich – Scott is a meterologist for News 25 and updates frequently.  On occasions he may even help you decide if weather will hold off long enough for a round of golf. 😉

Debbie Bush – Debbie is the general manager at 14 WFIE and updates frequently with comments on world news and local events.  She also frequently RT’s which is a retell that alerts her followers of what she is interested in following.

CJ Hoyt – CJ is the news director at 14 news and updates his twitter account with semi-personal updates as well.  Kinda like what he’s currently watching on TV, but also keeps followers updated on what’s going on at the News station.

YOU – Twitter is free to sign up and free to use and best yet there isn’t even any advertising.  While the latter may change in time, right now it’s a great resource for immediate news and communicating with others around the Tri-State.