Tin Man Brewing Co. Review

My review of the Tin Man Brewing Co. in Evansville, Indiana. A local brewery attempts to make it’s mark on the city of Evansville, complete with food and a fresh atmosphere.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”]T[/dropcap]in Man has finally opened in Evansville, after months of teaser advertisements and much social fan fare. A few weeks ago I was able to experience what Tin Man had to offer first hand and in the robots natural habitat, a brewery. Lured in by promises of a unique experience, good beer, and awesome food I came prepared to be amazed.

Tin Man Brewing Co.For starters, Tin Man is located on Franklin Street, a prime location for beer lovers. A block or two in any direction will land you at other popular Evansville bars, like the Gerst Haus and Lamasco Bar. In comparison, Tin Man has a more modern decor, this contemporary look can be found in the seating layout, restrooms, and even the method of which you are served. Tin Man has done an amazing job at creating a unique environment to enjoy their beer, which is evident as soon as you see the front of their building.

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