Observations From the NEYSC Bench

I have a 6 year old daughter that has loved playing U6 soccer in NEYSC for 4 seasons now. When she started she was very shy, but playing amongst girls her age has changed her. She has come out of her shell, more out going, loves soccer, and loves being amongst friends and meeting new people. It’s changed me as well, especially this season, when I was asked to help from the bench.

My experience with any children, let alone 4, 5 and 6 year old girls is entirely limited to my own daughter. Sure, I’ve been to preschool events, sat in on a few play dates, but never have I had to interact solely and directly with little ladies. This changed in March 2014, when I began helping out on the bench for the NEYSC. I have no experience in soccer, so I am not fit to coach anyone, but why should that stop me from helping keep 4 girls focused on the game, while their teammates are on the field? How hard could it be?

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