Howell Park Pool Opens Today

Howell Park Pool
Howell Park Pool

Just heard on the news this morning that the newly revamped pool at Howell Park will be opening today. The pool is named after Norman Red Mosby, a late Perry Township Trustee. Mosby worked to better the west side of Evansville for 40 years and this pool is in remembrance of him.

The official ribbon cutting will be held today at 2:30, for those looking to attend.

I can tell you that this pool is a great addition to Evansville. It’s in a great location with plenty of parking and the work that I’ve seen makes this pool top notch. It’s colorful, big, and even features a 150 ft water slide. It’s a reason to visit Howell Park, even if you are not a golfer or play basketball.

Diarrhea Pool Sign On East Side

Well, one of my great friends snapped this shot with her cell phone from an apartment complex on the East side. To be honest, I think it’s a great reminder we all need to heed when going for a public swim. Although while thinking about it, this should apply to more things than just swimming and why doesn’t the pool I use have this sign up?

Diarrhea Sign At Pool
Evansville Diarrhea Sign At Pool

I guess they just don’t care.