Business To Business Should Be Local

Keep in mind I’ve had a working relationship with business owners all around Evansville for the better part of 8 years.  This includes business dealings in some shape or form affecting 1 man shops, mom and pop restaurants, or even the big manufacturers(or those that are left).  I’ve been a salesman, customer service rep, and just plain talkative to local people and local businesses.  So, when I say this, you know who you are.

Get your shit together!?  I am tired of hearing local businesses pitch the ‘buy local’, ‘support small business’, and ‘family owned’, only to have them turn around and purchase B2B (business to business) type items off the internet or from out of state.  Again, I know who you are, I deal with you every day whether you know it or not and it makes me sick.  Hey you big time movie man in Evansville, think those jerks you purchased that equipment from in New York will come down and buy a soda and popcorn?  NO!?  If it’s available local and even marginally close on price you should be spending locally.

It’s not just the big guys, it’s the little guys who rely on the normal you and me coming in to buy sandwiches, buy beer, or just use your services, whatever you may offer.  Tired of losing business to internet competitors or out of state contractors, how about spending money with your own local businesses and contractors where possible.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse.  If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander.

I’ve watched multiple businesses purchase product from an out of state vendor to save $10.  I’ve stood by while profits erode for everyone and then the business owner speaks out the side of their mouth.  I have officially STOPPED patronizing local businesses that refuse to purchase locally where applicable.  It’s no different expecting your business purchases to be kept local, than to expect your end users to use your products and services locally.

I would encourage everyone to do the same, speak up if someone insists on making purchasing decisions for a very marginal savings.  I’m not against saving money, but I am at the cost of giving business away to the lowest bidder, despite future costs and local support.  Post on Twitter, make a facebook update, create a blog post, tell someone about bad purchasing decisions.  Shame on you and you know who you are.

Four Friends Corner Cafe Review

I don’t have to tell you that the economy has been a very fickle beast for at least the past 2 years. Because of this small local businesses are popping up and deflating out, taking dreams with them. This is why I have decided to commit a certain amount of my time and energy to review and help bring attention to local businesses. This review of Four Friends Corner Cafe will be the first of Local Business segments, and hopefully a regular feature of Evansville Blog.

Get The Facts

Four Friends Corner Cafe
1400 North Main Street
Evansville, IN 47711

To get there head south on Main street from Garvin Park, it’s 2 blocks down on your right. They have plenty of on street parking and a small lot suitable for 3-4 small cars or 1-2 big trucks. For companies close by it’s an easy walk, especially on warm fall days.

Inside there are about 5-6 tables, where a small group or couples will probably be most comfortable. However, I feel like their meals and layout favor those who like their meals to-go. Also consider eating on their picnic table out front or taking your hot dog to Garvin Park and eat on one of their many picnic tables. I prefer to take mine to go and eat in my truck, parked at Garvin Park, while writing this review.

The decor is as expected from a local restaurant focusing on a hot dog meal niche. An antique toy pinball machine could even be found in the corner of the dining room area. What was unexpected was the number of scriptures written on various boards around the kitchen and in the seating area. It’s obvious that the owners/operators are religious, hopefully this isn’t a turn-off for you, it wasn’t for me.

Food Facts

The staple of Four Friends Corner Cafe are there hot dogs. They use Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs for all their hot dog meals, which include Fries and a drink. Also, there is plenty of variety, including coney style dogs or anything you can dream up, they will build to suit. On this trip I had their Cincinnati Special, which was a loaded coney dog with lots of cheese and onion.

The meal was very good and very filling.

The Bad

I work for a business close to Four Friends Corner Cafe, so about 30 days ago an employee dropped off a menu. This is how I found out about the Evansville restaurant and what peeked my interest in trying out some of their unusual hot dog creations. So, I picked out my would be meal and headed a few blocks over to place my order.

After I placed my order I was informed that my specific meal was no longer available. Nor did the girl behind the counter remember how to make the DC Monumental Special. No biggie, I’ll just take one of their other specials, which would have been fine if their prices had not been so high. In no way do I feel like I got value for my money and even after a full stomach I had buyers remorse.

Indeed, their prices had gone up from around $5 per meal, which included fries and a medium fountain drink, to over $7. Also, to add insult to injury there was no fountain machine, only cans of pop in the fridge. So now I’m full, but thirsty, and feel like a spent a fortune for a hot dog.

Short and Sweet

The food was fantastic, service was good, and there was plenty of places to sit, eat and enjoy my lunch break. I’d recommend anyone to check it out.  However, to get my repeat business prices will need to fall.


Do you have a suggestion on where I should take my next lunch break?  Or is there another local business that needs reviewed or help with advertising?  Simply leave a comment here or drop me an email to let me know your thoughts.