And that was a fluster cluck.

Jumping in feet first and purchasing a ton of netbooks at too high a price and before properly educating teachers and students on their use. Which brings to my attention, here we are 2 years later and we are just now starting to use them at some potential? Why wasn’t there classes for the teachers and training for students to make sure we can start using these tools to the fullest of their ability day one?

I have a few theories on this, but most are hair brain and involve back room deals that we know our local government is capable of. Also, EVSC, showing off bright new tools isn’t the same as showing off bright young minds.

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EVSC purchased its netbooks early compared to most other Indiana districts, Unger said. He noted the district also chose to jump in with both feet, purchasing hundreds of machines at one time for five schools, rather than phasing in the program.



C & I Electronics

Stopped by C & I Electronics on my lunch break to find out what kind of deals they had on a used Netbook or small low-end laptop.  Unfortunately, their prices are a little high, for what I consider heavily used hardware.  I have a hard time swallowing only $50 in savings over buying new.

The people over there were very friendly and helpful, although admittedly a little disorganized.  This may be attributed to the nature of my request, I knew what I wanted and was very specific.  However, in the past I’ve purchased computer accessories from them without any issues at all.  They have great prices on used mice and keyboards, just FYI.

As for my hunt for a cheap netbook, I’m still on the look out.  For the past few days I’ve also been keeping a close eye on Evansville Craigslist, but all of those computers are old, at least ones posted recently.  I’m looking to spend around $200-$250 for a very basic netbook, with WiFi capabilities, 1GB ram, preferably XP, and a 20+GB hard drive.  I can buy a brand new Asus netbook for around $250, but wouldn’t be quite as well equipped.

Oh well, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for deals on and, I’ve had really good experiences in buying from them in the past.

C And I Electronics