Hollywood Bar and Grill Eastside Showplace

Hollywood Bar and GrillLast night my wife and I had date night, thanks to my parents letting my daughter sleep over.  My wife had been begging me to go see the new Harry Potter and I had been begging her to go out for a beer and burger.  Thanks to the Hollywood Bar and Grill we only had to park once to enjoy both date night endeavors.  Granted Wednesday night isn’t the most happening time to go out, I’ll give you my break down on the evening.

First of all Hollywood Bar and Grill food was fantastic, my burger was cooked to order and fries were seasoned perfectly.  Also, my wife’s ham and pineapple pizza was great and portions for both were adequate for the price.  That being said, don’t head off to this grill looking for a lot of choices.  They have plenty of apetizers, but lack in the main course arena of variety.  Lastly, we showed up about 6:00 and were 1 of about 6 people, not couples, but individuals.

The bar tender and waitress were both very friendly and these were the only ones we ran into.  I’m assuming there was a cook in the back, but never did he poke his head out to see if anyone was still there.  And unlike another Evansville Hollywood Bar and Grill restaurant review, I did not see any signs for employee eyes only.

Had our Harry Potter movie not been starting at 7:00 my wife and I would have chilled out with some more beers and listened to the live band.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Eastside Hollywood Bar and Grill they have live music and last nights was Common Ground.

For more information on Hollywood Bar and Grill visit their website, which is part of Showplace Cinemas.