Tee Time Evansville Course Terrible

Had the opportunity to play a little golf last night with my brother over at Tee Time on the Eastside of Evansville.  Seemed like it would be an ideal evening, considering the weather was beautiful and for $5 for 9 holes you almost can’t go wrong…right?

Unfortunately, Tee Time has let their little course go south, fast.  Earlier on in the year their greens were beautiful, course neatly mowed, and everything just looked real professional.  However, last night all the greens had terrible divots, big patches of the course weren’t mowed, and sections were just a muddy mess with no walk way.  Making matters worse was the Geese shit that was absolutely everywhere.

In all honesty, until they get things cleaned up out there, the course out at Howell Park is much nicer.  Believe it or not I’d pass on this executive course that’s just not cutting it anymore.

Howell Park Golf Course

Went golfing last night at around 5 at Howell Park.  To be honest I’m very pleased with how well they take care of that little Par3 course.  The greens were in decent shape, areas were freshly mowed, and even the chipping green looked finely manicured.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy the inexpensive course as often as I would like.

Howell Park closes at 6:300 through the week and even if you are in the middle of your game they will change flags out on you.  While this isn’t that big of a deal, consider that Wesselmans leaves their flags out and will stay open till it gets dark.  Why is this city course not on the same hours as the rest of the city golf courses in Evansville?

Hopefully Howell will amend their hours as it gets longer into the summer.  Right now it’s staying daylight until just after 8:00 and come July all the way up until 9:00.  I’d like to be able to head over to Howell Park around 6:00 and have plenty of time to get 18 holes in.  As it stands now, getting off work at 5 and heading over to the course, they won’t even let you pay for more than 9 holes after 5:30.

Howell Park and Wesselmans

Well it’s been another Par 3 weekend!  Saturday evening I was lucky enough to go play the back 9 at Wesselman’s Golf Course in Evansville.  Now, I suck and I know I suck, but that’s what makes Par 3 so much fun.  Generally speaking, others don’t mind if I’m not the greatest, so it makes a great place to actually go and unwind.  And on Sunday morning I was able to play 9 at Howell Park.

Saturday was actually my first game of golf this year and I actually surprised myself.  My goal was to shoot under 45 strokes, but I was able to pull off a 38.  Again, this was on the back 9 only.  On Sunday I pulled off 40 strokes on 9 holes at Howell.

There were a handful of golfers out on Saturday at Wesselmans, but this morning the course was full at Howell.  It was great to see so many people out enjoying the city courses.  But something kind of caught me off guard this season and that was the price to play a round of golf.  Notably, Wesselmans jumped up to $5 to play a full 9, compared to $4 from last year.  I would think that the city would be trying to do it’s part to keep prices down on affordable entertainment.  Likewise Howell was up to $4, but only marginally higher compared to $3.50 last golf season.

It’s still a deal, as long as they take care of the greens.  See you on the course.

Golfing In Evansville

Let it be known that I just started golfing the end of last year. Before I had been intimidated by the game, for fear of knocking someone out from one of my stray balls. However, thanks to a friend, I’ve rarely missed a week of golf this season and my game is actually starting to improve. I figured I’d take this opportunity to share with Evansville residents where the best courses are, to learn to golf, because everyone has to start somewhere.

The first place I golfed in Evansville was Wesselman’s Par 3 course. It’s wide open, except for a few light poles, and it’s laid back enough so you won’t feel the pressure of the pros around you. Families bring their kids, Foursomes kick back, it’s really a great experience and somewhat of a challenging course for beginners. Two people can generally play through 18 holes in under 2 hours, if they keep their strokes to under 10. 😉

Wesselman’s Par 3 18-Holes: $6.00

The next place I golfed was out at Howell Park, I bet you didn’t even know they had a Par 3 course over there. Howell Park features a 9-hole Par 3 course, with plenty of trees to help block the stray ball from colliding with other golfers heads. Also, it’s another laid back area, where beginner golfers can feel at home, where the average hole is only 80 yards.

USI utilizes this course for it’s golf classes, so occasionally you will see some big groups. Also, keep in mind that unlike Wesselman’s, Howell Par-3 closes at 6:30. Hell, there is plenty of daylight left this time of year, it’s kind of a shame.

Howell Park Par-3 9-Holes: $3.00

Both golf courses offer equipment rental, like pull carts and even golf clubs. So, even if you don’t own a set you don’t have an excuse not to go out and hit a round. remember, everyone has to start somewhere and every golfer I met was fully understanding, after they almost took my golf ball to their face.

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