January 2014 Deep Freeze

Sub-zero temperatures have made it hard on everyone in Evansville, IN. The geese seem to be taking it ok, because at least they have a little fresh water to enjoy. This is a video of the lake at Garvin Park, frozen over.

It’s finally starting to warm up in Evansville, at least to the tune of double digits.  Today it actually has hit 30+ degrees, which feels like a heat wave.  The sub-zero temperatures have affected everyone in the Tri-State area, especially plumbers.

This morning, in the building where I work, a sprinkler line burst and flooded an entire office.  My wife’s school had lines bust above her class room.  It’s stressful all around, that’s why at lunch I took a walk in the park, Garvin Park.

The video below shows the geese setting on the ice, warming the lake, and hoping for a thaw.  Thankfully the fountain is still running, so they still have some fresh water to enjoy.

Video Of Cold Geese At Garvin Park

Spent my lunch break walking around Garvin Park yesterday.  I’ll head over there on a regular basis to eat my lunch in peace in my truck, but yesterday I wanted to get some video of the ducks and geese walking on ice.  I also shot some footage of kids that instructed me that they were the only ones that fed the hungry animals, so it was their job to take care of them.

Without question, I know the cold animals appreciated the fresh bread.

I hope that I can film more events and locations in Evansville, as time allows. If you have any recommendations or things you would like to see, please let me know.