New Media and Theme Park Interaction

The idea that new media is gaining traction excites me.  Here we are, early adopters, helping the segment grow and businesses are adopting now faster than ever.  But we aren’t just talking about guru’s selling widgets, now real companies have real presence in social media.  One company, that has led the way and set example for others to follow is Holiday World.

First theme park in the world, predating Disney, and still setting industry firsts.  Holiday World is also the first amusement park to create a blog, for use to communicate with guests and strengthen their relationship with their customers.  It’s not just corporate drivel found on the many HoliPosts, but real world information and behind the scenes pictures that help tell a HoliStory.  For example, the latest blog post features a punny title and features pictures of the construction on the new water slide, The Mammoth.  This blog is designed to connect with customers, keep us interested in the off season, and ultimately bring us through the turn styles.  It works because I don’t feel like I’m being sold to, I’m being introduced to what the company is proud of.

Holiday World doesn’t stop at blog posts, they also are active on Twitter and Facebook.  This theme park does an amazing job at keeping all channels updated and interact directly with the public.  New media allows for easy two-way interaction, that benefits the company and the customer.  Again, Holiday World does an amazing job at this by sticking around after a tweet, responding to wall posts, and making sure blog comments are addressed.

I’m excited to share that Paula Werne will be speaking at the next Social Media Club of Evansville meeting on November 21st.  From 6:00 to 8:00 PM Paula will talk about how Holiday World has navigated the peaks and valleys of mastering the new media frontier.  Everyone is invited, so please sign up today.

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Finding Savings On Facebook

lynnpicI love to save money. I cut coupons, watch sale adds, sign up for every email mailing list possible all in order to save a few extra dollars. Spending wisely is a tricky challenge for anyone in this economy and as a stay at home mommy it is one of the most important ways I can contribute to my family’s quality of life. However, many stores send notifications and money saving coupons only to their credit card holders…until now.

Old Navy has started a wonderful and actually fun way of receiving superb coupons. They call it “Old Navy Weekly”. I discovered it on accident by becoming a “fan” of them on Facebook. The tab is accessible to anyone on their website, the coupons, however, are another story.

The “modelquins” are hanging out advertising current deals and great new items. It is your job to hunt for the coupons. Its totally exciting. By moving click-able items around on the modelquins the different coupons become available. A set amount of coupons are available of each kind, i.e. 25% your purchase, $50 off $100 purchase or even $70 off $100 purchase. Fans of Old Navy on Facebook post clues to capturing these worthy coupons but the best coupons are usually gone within minutes. So far all I’ve been able to snag are the 25% off and $10 off of $50 purchase coupons but both are better than nothing!  New coupons are updated each Thursday night between 7:00pm and 11:00pm.

Our daughter is about to turn 2 years old and will need a complete new wardrobe for fall. I have always loved Old Navy clothes for their style and quality but they aren’t usually my first stop for kids clothes because of the price. Having these coupons available to me in the next couple of months will put Old Navy in the top spot for stores to shop for her. Its a smart move for Old Navy and for any mommies trying stretch their clothing budgets