Supporting The Community Theme At Festival

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival this year has a “Supporting The Community, Building Our Future” theme.  Seems to be an extremely appropriate theme, considering the majority of booths selling food at the festival are nonprofit.  Furthermore, the Nut Club donates time and money to area needs, building the community and supporting a beautiful future in Evansville.

This will be the 89th Nut Club Fall Festival, with this and every years proceeds going toward Evansville area schools, organizations, and countless community projects.  Everyone benefits from the week long party on Franklin street, especially the 126 non-profit booths.  Every aspect of Evansville is covered by food in some way, with everyone from college fraternities to community churches cooking up unique items.

For more information visit the official website.  Be sure to check out a listing of events like Amateur Hour, Family Day, and a food map.  And, if you’ve never been before, that food map is serious business, because you will be severely overwhelmed by your choices when walking around.   For best results I’d recommend going during the week at lunch time.  More parking and shorter lines. 😉

Thanksgiving Circus In Evansville

Shrine Circus EvansvilleThanksgiving means family, friends, food and the circus! A family tradition our whole family looks forward to is going to the circus on Thanksgiving Day. What better way to relax after eating a yummy feast?

The 76th annual Hadi Shrine Circus is coming to Evansville once again from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday. There are two shows on Thursday, three on Friday and Saturday and an afternoon show on Sunday. We have always attended the evening show until we had a daughter. Now we try to make it to the afternoon show on Thanksgiving Day because it is less crowded and easier for her to stay awake for the three hour show. Ticket prices range from $17-$22 for reserved seats and $12 for general admission. We usually get general admission which seems like a pretty good value considering you would pay almost as much for a ticket to the movies these days!

The acts are usually similar from year to year with trapeze artists, performing animals and of course the clowns! I have been every year of my life and even though not much is new each year to the show, I can remember being a little girl anticipating my favorite parts. In this way, I am grateful the circus is similar each year. I know what to expect and I know its going to be fun! The elephants and tigers have a similar act each year but the kids love it when they come out! The Kenya Wizards are a newer act that is always a crowd favorite. They dance to African music and tumble all over the place. Even though they are grown men, they seem to have so much energy and are able to stack themselves on top of one another like incredibly complex cheerleaders! There are also jugglers, tight rope walkers, motorcycle tricks and all types of animals from dogs to bears to monkeys performing in each of the three rings. The circus always begins with a parade and ends with a “bang” with typical circus music performed by a live band from beginning to end.

Last year our daughter really loved all of the music, lights and of course the animals. Experiencing traditions through the eyes of my daughter is what makes my holidays so magical and I know taking a two year old to the circus will be very exciting!

West Side Nut Club Fall Fest Starts Today

I’m so excited about this years West Side Nut Club’s Fall Fest and other than some rain tomorrow it looks like we should have good Fall weather for it.  This will be the Nut Club’s 88th Fall Festival and will be host to a ton of events through the week.  Starting with tonight!

-Introduction of the USI Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams for 09-10 @ 5:30 PM

-Parade at 6:00 PM

-First round of the Amateur Talent Contest.

I plan on attending a few times throughout the week at lunch time, mainly for the pork chop sandwiches.  Brain Sandwiches and other exotic foods don’t really appeal to me, but the atmosphere, good food, and cool weather will bring me out.

For official news and information visit the official website at Evansville West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.  See you there!

Evansville Tea Party

The Evansville, Indiana Tea Party is schedule for April 15th at 5:00 PM to correspond with national Tax day.  The even will be held downtown at the Civic Center Complex, out on the front steps.  This will be a peaceful demonstration, in response to local, state, and federal government actions.

For those who fell asleep during history class, the original Boston Tea Party was a protest to Taxation Without Representation.  Many feel that we are again in a similar political environment where the elected leaders are not accurately representing the wishes of their people.

I’ll be there, since it’s an actual protest after work hours, for the working people who feel unfairly treated.  Let’s represent, be vocal and make sure the biast Evnasville Courier doesn’t scew what its’ really all about.  See you there.