Evansville Otters 2008 Schedule

You may have noticed by now that I am an Evansville Otters fan, even after the lack luster season last year. Today they announced their schedule for the 2008 season, with the opening game being on May 21st. I can practically taste the Thirsty Thursday events. mmmmm

Game times for the 2008 season will be similar to years past, with a few exceptions. The Otters will host two 12:05 PM games–on Tuesday, June 24, and Monday, July 28. There will also be three 1:05 PM games–on Friday, July 4, Sunday, August 24, and Monday, September 1. Standard game times Monday-Saturday will remain at 7:05 PM, and Sunday games will remain at 6:05 PM. One major change, however, will be the entry times into Bosse Field. Beginning in 2008, gate times will be one hour prior to game time, as opposed to an hour and a half as it has been in years past.

In addition to announcing their 2008 schedule, they are also offering discounts on all their Evansville Otter merchandise. According to their website most of their products have been marked down 50%, making them perfect for a Christmas gift. Head over to the Evansville Otters Merchandise store.

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Raid on Liberty Dollar Pictures

Well, doesn’t look like anything happened to me, these pictures were taken at around 2:30 PM the day off the ‘supposed’ raid. I’m still on the fence about how many of these supposed allegations actually happened.

Liberty Dollar Evansville

Raid on Liberty Dollar

Liberty Dollar Raid

Liberty Dollar Raid

Nothing suspicious here, hell there weren’t even any local news teams there reporting one way or the other.

Weinzapfel Wins By Default?

Was it really an election? Was David Nixon really the best Republican candidate we could find to run against John? It’s elections like this that make me strongly consider running for some sort of public office, because hell, if he can do it, so can I.

My biggest problem with John’s campaign up until the mediocre election the other day was that he prided himself WAY too much for doing what he should. Every commercial focused on how great he was at creating a task force for the flooding problem on the South side of Evansville. Excuse me, I thought this was his job and something that really should have been done years ago. Another thing that really pissed me off, in this vein, was how much money he has supposedly allocated for the job, it’s actually over the next 5 to 10 years, not during his term in office.

Doesn’t seem so Rosy through my glasses, but hey, who else are we going to vote for? Now I’m not saying John is not a competent Mayor, he is just mediocre.  Evansville needs someone who will actually bring about change and not hang their hat on things that should be done anyway. Evansville needs an election that brings more than 15,000 people out to the voter booths. geesh

Welcome to November.

Well, I survived Halloween with no toilet paper decorations, egg catch, or too many pesky trick or treaters. In stead, my wife and I enjoyed a nice leisurely trip to Spencer County where we visited my parents  and hers. Yes, it was my babies first Halloween, and we celebrated it as such. So instead of collecting candy, my little girl collected cans of Lipil formula. 😉

At any rate, it’s November and the temperatures here in Evansville feel like fall. Finally. Now to figure out the best way to get rid of all the leaves falling on my lawn. Last year it took more than 30 HUGE bags to get about 3/4 of the mess, not something I’m looking forward to doing this year. Maybe it’s time I go ahead and invest in a new mower that will mulch for me. mmmm, something to ponder on a cool evening in front of an outdoor fireplace.