Liberty Meth Salvage

Liberty Auto Salvage
Liberty Auto Salvage

At one time I really supported the local Liberty Auto Salvage, by buying up bulk parts and selling them on eBay.  However, it doesn’t look like I will be going back anytime soon, if the doors remain open at all, since the owner and a few employees were busted for producing and dealing in Meth.  I’m always blown away by how many people get involved with a such a dangerous drug, not to mention it’s not just in the city, but rural, hell everywhere!

Also, consider all the local advertisements for lawyers who use Liberty Auto Salvage as a back drop.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much involvement with them anymore, who would want to be tied to such an activity?

According to TriStateHomePage, Liberty was open on Wednesday.  However, no one wanted to comment on the owners activities.  If I had to guess, they probably nodded and smiled the biggest smile 3 teeth can muster.

The Answer East Complaint

The Answer automotive repair shop is a fairly popular (reputable?) company in Evansville, IN.  I was having some problems with my 02 Dodge Durango, so I had it towed in.  That’s where it sat, for over 3 weeks, without one courtesy phone call.  Here’s my story.

The problem with the Durango was an intermittent problem, but not so much that it couldn’t be replicated.  However, it took me giving THEM a call every few days to check on the status, where I was told they were just working on it.  At which point, I gave them just under 3 weeks and informed them that I would be picking it up, upset at the length of time it was taking them to diagnose.

A few days later I called them again, notifying them that I was picking it up the next day.  The manager informed me they had located an issue with an O2 sensor and could have it fixed.  This was in the morning and I asked if they could have it done today.  The manager informed me that they were busy and might be able to get to it tomorrow.  Come on, over 3 weeks in the shop, and they want to put me off another day?

At this point the manager got short with me, trying to guilt me into letting them do an over priced O2 sensor job.  Well, I had enough and immediately when and picked up my vehicle, only to have it fail on me as I was pulling out of The Answer East side parking lot.


Terrible Customer Service – No Phone Calls

Too Long To Diagnose – Took over 3 Weeks

Over Priced – They attempt to make up their ‘free’ diagnostic fee by over pricing simple parts and installation.

I will never recommend to anyone to use The Answer, at least The Answer East.  Find another reputable company in Evansville to do business with for car repair, these guys were worth the $40 it took to have my vehicle towed in.  Why they never called me, even after they found the supposed problem, is beyond me.  Oh well, I hear they are always busy.