Used Cars In Evansville, My Experience

Finding a used car is difficult, but it would seem in the past 6 months it’s becoming impossible to find value. At least in regards to what your money could buy at the end of 2013. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve found that the price of used cars in Evansville has skyrocketed, while the selection has dwindled. Turns out, after speaking with multiple car lots and salesmen, the issues are intertwined.

The short of this article is that I’ve seen the value in used cars shrink and I recommend avoiding Bennett Motors at all cost. For the long story, about buying cars and trucks in Evansville, please continue below and note that I do not have Heisenberg’s problems.

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Local Car Lots Selling On Craigslist

Here is some free advice for local car lots looking to capitalize on the popularity of Evansville Craigslist.  Yes it’s free to list and there are not printed rules to follow, however there is netiquette that should be followed if you don’t want to piss potential buyers off.  Let’s get started.

1. Always advertise the price, don’t  make me call you.  Town and Country Ford is the latest offender of this and frankly I’ll never shop there again, that’s how much it pisses me off.

2. Provide plenty of pictures, at least 4, don’t tease me with the perfect exterior picture when the interior is rotted.

3. Remove the damn listing if you’ve sold it off your lot.  Internet shoppers don’t like to hear about great sales after the fact.

4. Don’t Spam!  Filling up Craigslist with listings from your car lot is the equivalent of filling my email inbox with Viagra ads and then coming to the grocery store with me and pushing my cart over when it’s full.  Don’t do it, you are ruining the free service for everyone else and it makes you look like a dick.

5. Don’t list crap.  Only list things on Craigslist that are of value or a special deal.  This means if you have a special edition car or truck you want to sell, list it, or if you have a bargain basement price, list it.  Everything else you can keep to yourself and try to sell off of your lot.