St. Louis Cardinals Evansville Day 2014

Did you know there is an Evansville promotional day at the St. Louis Cardinals? It’s coming up soon, July 19th is Evansville day at Busch Stadium, sponsored by Banterra Bank. But why is this date selected for Evansville day?

Did you know there is an Evansville promotional day at the St. Louis Cardinals?  It’s coming up soon, July 19th is Evansville day at Busch Stadium, sponsored by Banterra Bank.  But why is this date selected for Evansville day?

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Evansville Otters Looking For OnField MC

I’m not going to lie, I would absolutely love to contribute and be a part of the Evansville Otters, especially in such an outgoing way.  However, time constraints would prohibit me from applying for such a position.  Perhaps my need to partake of adult beverages at Otter games might as well. 😉

You can find the latest available job openings for the 2010 Otter Baseball Season clicking here.  Other than the MC position, there are also positions available for Press Box Matrix Board Worker and bat boys, which is only available to 13-16 year olds.

To submit your application or for Otter employment questions please contact:

Brandon McClish @ 812-435-8686 or by email at

Don’t forget, opening day 2010 will be May 21st, which will also be Fifth Third promotional night.

Saturday Night Otters Game

The Evansville Otters game last night was simply amazing!  Truly one of the best Otter Baseball games I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s a shame they don’t play like this every game, they could not be stopped.  Of course, 3 errors by the Crushers didn’t hurt either. 😉

Thanks go out to my parents for watching my daughter so my wife and friends could go out for the evening.  Also, being penny pinchers we were pleased to be given 2 free tickets.  Thanks to the anonymous stranger.

Otters Starting Another Streak

Finally, after a horrendous losing streak it looks like the Evansville Otters are back on their way to playing like the team I saw in the first few weeks of the season.  Getting some stolen bases, home runs, and just playing all around like a better team.  So much better than the embarrassment I saw at the last Thirsty Thursday.

I love the Otters, the field, the game, everything, but the last Thirsty Thursday the team was playing like a bunch of little leaguers.  A return to form is refreshing and has me looking forward to the next game I get to catch.  Any professional team would be proud of coming back into a 5 game winning streak.  So if it’s either sweep or be swept, I’ll take the sweep anyday. 😉

Writing about the Evansville Otters gives me an opportunity to post a picture of my daughter meeting Evan.  Consider it a freebie, next cute picture I post though is gonna cost ya.

Evan Otter

Evansville Otters 2008 Schedule

You may have noticed by now that I am an Evansville Otters fan, even after the lack luster season last year. Today they announced their schedule for the 2008 season, with the opening game being on May 21st. I can practically taste the Thirsty Thursday events. mmmmm

Game times for the 2008 season will be similar to years past, with a few exceptions. The Otters will host two 12:05 PM games–on Tuesday, June 24, and Monday, July 28. There will also be three 1:05 PM games–on Friday, July 4, Sunday, August 24, and Monday, September 1. Standard game times Monday-Saturday will remain at 7:05 PM, and Sunday games will remain at 6:05 PM. One major change, however, will be the entry times into Bosse Field. Beginning in 2008, gate times will be one hour prior to game time, as opposed to an hour and a half as it has been in years past.

In addition to announcing their 2008 schedule, they are also offering discounts on all their Evansville Otter merchandise. According to their website most of their products have been marked down 50%, making them perfect for a Christmas gift. Head over to the Evansville Otters Merchandise store.

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