Wal-Mart Newburgh Made My Day

wal-martWal-Mart made my day! Yes, Wal-Mart. I have been anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the new Wal-Mart in Newburgh for months. Our family shops at Wal-Mart at least once a week and that shopping is mainly done by me. For the past 6 years I have been driving to the west side and Boonville Wal-Marts in order to avoid the east side at all cost. I live on the east side but the closest Wal-Mart is always dirty, understocked, and loud. I have to add 30 minutes to my shopping trip because of the long lines. My hopes were extremely high during my recent trip to the new store. They did not disappoint me!

Upon entering, I was given a map and a shiny, brand-new, clean shopping cart to fill up. I didn’t think I needed a map for Wal-Mart but I ended up using it more than once. The store was set up in a completely different arrangement than I have ever seen. The shoes were on display just like a department store would showcase each style. The aisles were at odd angles but in a good way. The sporting goods area rivaled more expensive specialty stores. Perhaps it was because of the fact that the store has only been open a few weeks but everything I looked at was well stocked. The difference between this Wal-Mart and others that I have shopped at was the way in which they actually displayed their products instead of just stocking as many as they could onto generic shelves and racks. The clothing area for women and children was very well stocked and appealing.

We didn’t wait in line longer than 5 minutes but we were in the store for over an hour even though my list wasn’t very long. I couldn’t help wandering around and browsing each department.  I left happy and extremely satisfied. I am looking forward to future grocery shopping there. It makes my life and shopping a little easier and much more enjoyable.

Back From Chicago Trip

Back in Evansville after an extended weekend to Chicago.  While in the Chicago area I attended the NMRA show at Joliet Route 66 Raceway, visited Navy Pier, and partaked of some adult beverages.  All in all it was a great weekend with absolutely beautiful weather.  Hard to believe that in the middle of July it got down into the 50’s shortly after dark, but I’ll take it over the 105 degree days we’ve been having here in Southern Indiana.

On Saturday I visited down town Chicago near the Navy Pier and I was astounded at how many things there were to do.  Obviously a much bigger city, but Evansville has a lot they could learn from such a busy downtown area.  An example of things I missed out on doing, but will make plans for next trip are:

  • 2 Hour Segway Tour $75
  • Sea Hog Boat Ride
  • Go Up in The Sears Tower

I even got to try on hoverboards (For which I have developed a craze now). Ok, maybe not The Sears Tower since I’m afraid of heights.  But at any rate there are a ton of things to do, besides just eat, drink, and be merry.  Also, if you can get past the construction, traffic wasn’t that bad and zipping in and out of Chicago was just a small annoyance instead of a chore.

I look forward to another trip in the not so distant future when I can take my wife and daughter along.

Bruno At Showplace East

Met with some friends out at Showplace East last night for the new Sacha Cohen movie Bruno.  Now, this typically isn’t the type of movie I’d be interested in seeing, but I needed a distraction and nothing is better at that than watching people in uncomfortable situations.  This movie did not fail to deliver.

Don’t see this movie if you don’t have a perverted sense of humor.  It’s raunchy, full of male nudity, and enough absurd situations to make you cover your face in a dark movie theater.

As stated it does deliver a great distraction to day to day life.  I mustered a handful of laugh out louds and my friends also appreciated the slapstick actions of the flamboyant Bruno.  This being said I’m not quite sure it earned the full $10 price of admission.  But that’s for a different discussion and no doubt the very reason the theater was less than a 1/4 of the way full on the second day of release.

July Mesker Zoo Trip

My family and I ended up going to the Zoo today and it was an exceptionally good trip.  Now, we always go several times a year and are proud owners of season passes, but today was something special.  We went earlier in the morning than usual and apparently it’s true, the animals are more active in the morning.

Amazonia was really a treat, since the monkeys were running all over their exhibit.  They managed to play intently the entire time we were there or at least until my 2 year old daughter lost interest.  The large pig looking thing in the bottom was also active.  It (sorry can’t remember what it’s called) was swimming, walking around and generally just looking weird.  Also in Amazonia were some very colorful ducks that we normally enjoy.  However, this trip we had trouble finding them and for good reason.  As you walk out the bottom of Amazonia they could be found perched on a limb, much like a bird would.  Adorable.

Only a few downsides were that Mesker is remodeling the nocturnal animals exhibit, so it was closed off.  Also, the pride and joy of the Amazon exhibit, the Jaguar, was no where to be seen.  There were however in it’s place some rare zoo workers scrubbing down it’s glass walls.

Just like every zoo visit we had to stop long enough at the entrance for my daughter Emma to play in the fountains.  Today she was not alone, there were at least 4 kids at any time running through the 4 ft spraying fountains.  We shall return at least a few more times this year, but for now my daughter is content and soaking wet.

Mesker Park Zoo Fountains
Mesker Park Zoo Fountains